LenderKit at LEAP 2024: Reflections and Highlights

LEAP 2024 was a giant event gathering around 200,000 people at the Riyadh Exhibition and Convention Center, Malham, Saudi Arabia, on March 4-7. As any event of that magnitude, it presented both — understandable challenges and immense opportunities. 

LenderKit likes to prepare thoroughly for all events, but this one took us around 2 months to get ready to — tickets, route planning, landing pages, brochures, business cards, content strategy and communication — everything was taken into account. 

First impressions and challenges

So, here comes the first day of LEAP… and it takes hours just to get to the booth and the same amount of time to get back to the hotel. Yet, a surprisingly welcoming and generous help from the locals as well as ad-hoc changes to the logistics left positive reflections and impressions.

LEAP-2024-photo-1-1100x619 LenderKit at LEAP 2024: Reflections and Highlights

Internet connection is something you shouldn’t rely on regardless of the event, so having business cards was a clear win not only for us but everyone else using them, so we went back home with a considerable pile of cards that we needed to process. 

Now, with all the organizational challenges set aside, we can actually talk about the meat of the event  — impressions and opportunities.

Business hub of the region

LEAP 2024 was a business hub of the Middle East and for the Middle East. Despite the international focus, it was clear that the local presence was dominating, welcoming and encouraging.

It was heartening to witness familiar faces — brands, clients, and partners — all converging under one roof, reaffirming the event’s significance as a pivotal business hub.

awaed-600x800 LenderKit at LEAP 2024: Reflections and Highlights

Technological epicenter

The idea to become not just a tech hub, but a technological epicenter speaks for itself. LEAP 2024 managed to achieve this goal, bringing all the different tech providers and businesses under one roof. Regardless of your tech focus, that was truly the place to be. 

Fintech’s Ascendancy

Fintech was, is and will be one of the primary sectors. With crowdfunding at the forefront, the excitement about financial technology sparked lively discussions and opened doors to creative partnerships.

The sheer amount of companies, startups and entrepreneurs seeking funding for their business ventures showed the true market opportunity for investment platforms, VCs and fundraising companies. 

hyperpay-600x800 LenderKit at LEAP 2024: Reflections and Highlights

Special acknowledgements

In retrospect, our engagements with over a hundred individuals — partners, clients, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts — served as a testament to the spirit of collaboration and camaraderie that permeated LEAP 2024.

tala-1100x619 LenderKit at LEAP 2024: Reflections and Highlights

It was a pleasure speaking with Tala Invest, Awaed, Blomal, Hyperpay, Mozn and many others, strengthening existing collaborations, building new connections, sharing and gaining new insights and knowledge. 

As we say goodbye to LEAP 2024, memories linger, promising future encounters and collaborations. Our journey continues, fueled by innovation and resilience, embracing the spirit of collaboration.

lenderkit-new-banner-investment-software-crowdfunding-software-1100x286 LenderKit at LEAP 2024: Reflections and Highlights

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