LenderKit Features

LenderKit is a fully customisable white-label crowdfunding software solution which our team can tailor to your particular business model.

Integrating LenderKit with other software

Integrates with almost any software

LenderKit is a crowdfunding technology framework. It’s designed with the business-first approach and allows for integrating almost any third-party software including:

  • CRM and marketing automation software
  • CMS (WordPress)
  • Payment gateways 
  • Asset tokenization 
  • Multi-currency exchanges
  • eSign and document drafting

As crowdfunding platform development experts, we will analyse your business requirements and help you implement the best solutions for your business to power up your crowdfunding software.

More about integrations
debt and equity crowdfunding concept

Works best for debt and equity crowdfunding platforms

LenderKit is a customisable white-label crowdfunding software that has everything you need to start, digitize, and grow your business:

  • Marketing site
  • Web portal for investors and fundraisers
  • Admin back office
  • User management
  • Offering management
  • Investment flows
  • Offline payment processing
  • Payout schedule
  • KYC-based registration form
  • Secondary market
How it works
LenderKit scalabable crowdfunding solution

Extremely scalable and flexible

With LenderKit, you don’t have to worry about being stuck like with other white-label solutions. Being a customisable software, LenderKit is designed to solve business problems:

  • Enter the market with an MVP or fully custom solution
  • Have full control over the data you gather
  • Market your crowdfunding platform through configurable WordPress integration
  • Build, scale, and sell your business as a part of your exit strategy

LenderKit is a superior crowdfunding solution compared to market competitors. With a professional team behind the software, your business is going to succeed. 

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