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Launch your crowdfunding business in MENA

Automate your investment business operations and apply to SAMA, CMA, DFSA, or DIFC. Become an industry-leading crowdfunding platform with a proven crowdfunding solution.  

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Build a shariah-compliant crowdfunding platform

Use a prototype to apply to SAMA or CMA
Use a prototype to apply to SAMA or CMA

If you’re looking for a crowdfunding portal to apply to the Regulatory Sandbox or need to pitch to the board to raise capital, consider our Basic tier.

Expand and automate your operations
Expand and automate your operations

If you’ve already built up your investor and fundraiser base and need to automate operations or grow your business, check out the Professional tier.

Launch a fully-custom investment platform
Launch a fully-custom investment platform

For large companies with international focus and operations, a custom platform with multi-licensing options is a best option. Explore our Enterprise package.

connect investors and fundraisers

Streamline investing

Allow accredited and non-accredited investors register on your crowdfunding platform, pass KYC/AML verification and  invest in offerings or portfolio.  

Connect a payment system such HyperPay, PrimeTrust or other system to enable online-money processing and escrow accounts. 

Let investors top-up wallets, withdraw funds and trade securities on the secondary market.

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Facilitate fundraising

Automate deal sourcing and allow fundraisers to raise capital by issuing debt, equity securities or both. 

Set-up online KYC/AML processes via Yakeen or other system to help you with the customer verification. 

Create offerings yourself in the admin panel or delegate it to the capital raising company which can create offerings in the fundraiser portal.

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Use crowdfunding software suitable for small and large teams

LenderKit fits small, medium-sized businesses and large investment corporations. 

Configure permissions and create different user roles for advisors, accountants, lawyers and investment managers to reflect your company’s structure and run various operations securely and efficiently. 

Our KSA and UAE crowdfunding software allows you to build a 360 solution which includes donation, rewards, debt and equity investment flows. 

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