About LenderKit

LenderKit is a flexible white-label investment software for crowdfunding platforms, private equity and venture capital firms that want to automate operations, attract more investors and fundraisers and close more private capital deals.

Our story

  • 2017

    Before LenderKit, we focused on the custom fintech software development services using our in-house team.

    Having developed around 10 custom crowdfunding platforms between 2015 and 2017, we decided to create a solution that would consolidate our experience into one software framework for investment firms.

    The software would help our clients reduce the development costs and speed up the process of launching new crowdfunding platforms for regulatory sandboxes and beyond.

  • 2018

    We’ve done some competitor analysis and found out that most of the crowdfunding solution providers focused on pure SaaS white-label platforms. It worked well for local markets, but for the international ones, an opportunity for customization would be a much better choice.

    So, we’ve built a prototype and started conducting demo sessions.

    We decided to focus on the UK as our primary market due to its maturity and proven appetite for crowdfunding solutions. As planned, we got out first client that launched on LenderKit.

    Between 2018 and 2019, we went all into development and created a robust white-label crowdfunding framework that allowed our clients to set up a portal quickly.

    We heavily modified the prototype, added more features and functionality, fully redesigned the portal’s architecture and improved security.

  • 2019

    In 2019, we partnered with the leading payment gateways – MangoPay, LemonWay, Goji Investments and other providers.

    Apart from that, we integrated LenderKit with the CMS and developed 4 website templates to help our clients get started quickly. We’ve also tapped into other markets such as the MENA, mainly, Saudi Arabia and UAE and started making first steps in the USA market.  Also this year, some of our first clients Forus and Camly went live.

  • 2020

    In 2020, we completely rebuilt the LenderKit software architecture and developed more investment flows, security features, and functionality like GDPR module, permissions, auto-investing and many more. We also redesigned the admin back office and investor portal and built a mobile app prototype.

    One of our clients, Charm Impact, launched a crowdfunding platform and raised 272% of their target amount on CrowdCube.

    In November 2020, we got published in the Microsoft Marketplace.

  • 2021

    In 2021, we tailored LenderKit software to help our clients ease up compliance requirements worldwide. More precisely, we released the US and EU compliance modules. 

    For the US market, we released new functionality that supports Reg CF, A, D and S regulation types. 

    Also this year, European Commission adopted new crowdfunding rules for ECSPs. To prepare for the market changes, we updated LenderKit and were the first to launch a regulatory compliance module for European crowdfunding platforms and investment marketplaces. 

    We’ve also significantly improved the out-of-box package and included support of payment gateways such as Lemonway, FundAmerica and MANGOPAY and also KYC providers such as Jumio. Apart from that, we’ve built a blockchain integration with Polymath. 

    On the features side, we added private data room, appropriateness test, wallet-based and direct investing, multi-language support and more.

    With the updated software architecture and more flexibility, we also introduced better pricing options to new customers worldwide. 

  • 2022

    In 2022, we focused on strategic, technology and branding expansion. While 7 of our customers went live in the US, UK, Europe and even New Zealand, we kept creating new features to enhance our services and crowdfunding software capabilities. 

    We introduced cap table management, universal login, anti-bot protection, agreement builder, partnered and integrated with North Capital to offer escrow and custody solutions in the US.

    In terms of media and offline presence, we’ve visited the 7th EuroCrowd Conference in Spain. We’ve also run an annual survey among crowdfunding platforms through our sister project CrowdSpace that has now become the largest European crowdfunding platform directory which features over 450 marketplaces.

  • 2023

    We started building our SaaS-architecture which will allow us to scale multiple successful business models on top of our core software. Apart from it, we’ve deepened our focus on asset tokenization as a part of the Web3 concept and developed a stronger partnership with Polymath, P2P Securities and Fortress

    Research and development was one of the areas where we remained consistent. In partnership with the Crowdfunding Research Center of University of Agder led by Professor Rotem Shneor and our sister brand, Crowdspace, we launched the fourth annual crowdfunding survey in a row. Once again, it aimed to encourage data transparency and knowledge sharing among the European crowdfunding platforms. 

    Product-wise, there have been a lot of new features including UBO, improved offering management, a ton of security and usability updates as well as new integrations.

  • 2024

    LenderKit started building integrations with the major KYC, fintech and payment integrations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia including, but not limited to ANB, Yakeen by ELM and Absher. We also visited the LEAP 2024 event in Riyadh to meet our partners, build new connections and embrace lively discussions at the forefront of technology and innovation.

Meet the LenderKit team

Our global presence

LenderKit at LEAP 2024 in Riyadh

LEAP 2024 in Riyadh presented a vibrant platform for connecting with people, businesses and exchanging ideas. LenderKit embraced the lively atmosphere and made valuable connections, showcasing our expertise and collaborating with others in fintech. The event spotlighted the region's innovation potential, offering us ample opportunities to grow.

Learn more about the experience
Lenderkit at LEAP 2024 highlights

LenderKit Visits The Place to Crowd by Financement Participatif France

LenderKit exhibited and moderated a panel at the event organized by FPF — Financement Participatif France that took place at the Le Centquatre-Paris. The Place to Crowd Event brought the crowdfunding community together including lawyers, regulators and service providers.

Read the event highlights
LenderKit Visits The Place to Crowd by Financement Participatif France

P2P Software Provider of the Year by P2P Finance Awards

As Konstantin Boyko, the CEO and Co-founder at LenderKit, said: “Winning awards was never our primary goal (creating value was and still is), but being recognised by the industry means something.” Thanks to our team, customers and P2P Finance!

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LenderKit is one of the p2p providers of the year by P2P lending news

Apply or Die: The 11th CrowdCon in Brussels

LenderKit visited the 11th CrowdCon by EUROCROWD to learn more about the progress of the crowdfunding industry in Europe. We discovered new insights about crypto-assets, ECSPR as a quality stamp, industry KPIs and MiFID II license usefulness.

Read full notes
LenderKit visits 11th crowdcon crowdfunding conference

LenderKit visits 7th CrowdCamp by EuroCrowd

7th CrowdCamp in Spain conducted by EuroCrowd focused on discussing the crowdfunding regulations and overall crowdinvesting market development in Europe. We learned a lot of insights regarding ECSPR and where the industry is going.

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LenderKit visits 7th crowdcamp by Eurocrowd

LenderKit at the MoneyConf by Web Summit

MoneyConf by Web Summit is a Fintech conference that was held in Dublin in 2018 LenderKit visited the conference to meet the leading banks, tech firms and disruptive startups. We showcased the solution for real estate lending management as well as gained new insights and ideas for further development.

LenderKit vists MoneyConf by WebSummit

LenderKit at the EuroCrowd Conference

ECN is a European Crowdfunding Network, an organization, that promotes transparency, regulation and governance in the investment crowdfunding sector. ECN regularly conducts offline and online events and conferences one of which we visited in 2019. ECN talked about the Capital Market’s Union-Key Performance Indicators and proposed regulatory updates for the European Crowdfunding Service Providers.

LenderKit Visits EuroCrowd Conference

We have experience working with these regulators

Latest reports and white-papers

crowdfunding report 2022 img

Crowdfunding industry report 2022

Our sister company, Crowdspace, released a 2022 crowdfunding industry white-paper which highlights new challenges that crowdfunding platforms face, presents crowdfunding statistics and insightful data.

Financial marketplaces in the UK

Financial marketplaces in the UK

An outline of the major regulatory requirements for P2P lending and equity crowdfunding platforms and talks about payment processing, KYC/AML, GDPR and more.

USA regulations report img new

USA crowdfunding regulations

Learn more about the Regulation Crowdfunding, Reg A/A+, Reg D as well as the limits to investors, fundraisers and platform requirements in the USA.

Media presence

Product leadership team

Serg Soshin Chief Operating Officer
Konstantin Boyko Chief Executive Officer
Alex Prokopenko Chief Technology Officer
Margarita Lapteva Chief Financial Officer
Philip Volna Product Marketing Manager
Alina Vodolazhska Fintech Strategist
Igor Berezhnoy Business Analyst
Stas Gurin Lead Front-end Developer
Alina Kost Product Manager
Sofiia Zhutova Account Manager

What our clients say


LenderKit designed and developed a secure website for an investment management platform. Ensuring privacy and stability, they used PHP, and did everything from the wireframes and mockups from scratch.


LenderKit managed full stack development of a web app to produce an MVP for an investment firm. Following specifications, they adapted a proprietary solution. They integrated onboarding features and two APIs.


They manage the project well and exhibit good communication skills. Additionally, the team’s willingness to understand and cater to the business’ mission sets them apart from other service providers.

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