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Use LenderKit software for private placement to reduce paperwork and automate investment management operations

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Investment software for private equity firms and alternative investment funds

LenderKit offers private equity software for real estate and startup investment management in the USA, Europe or the MENA region. 

  • Automates fundraising and investing 
  • Digitizes KYC/AML processes and compliance flows
  • Reduces paperwork and increases performance 

With LenderKit, you can launch a private equity platform in less than half a year because we already have the basic investment and fundraising functionality. We will customize the platform to fit your business needs and requirements. 

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Manage investors and fundraisers on your private investment platform

When investors or fundraisers register on your platform, you’ll see them in the admin area. As an admin, you can manage their accounts, documents, statuses and transactions. The system will automatically notify users of any changes or opportunities or you can send the updates manually. We can help you create functionality to automate the need to make capital calls and scheduled updates. 

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Create permissions or user roles to access different functionality of the platform

You can create advisor, investment manager, portfolio manager, lawyer or accountant roles and enable this user types to see only the information you want them to see. The permissions modules ensures that users in your organization get authorised access to sensitive and important data on your private placement platform. 

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Offer a secondary market to your users

Liquidity can become your competitive advantage. By offering the secondary market functionality, you can allow investors to sell securities to other private investors to free some capital for other opportunities or reach liquidity earlier. 

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Combine private equity and private debt investment flows

LenderKit provides multiple investments flows in one platform. We already have equity and debt investing functionality and even donations. This will help you offer diversified opportunities to your fundraisers and investors depending on your business model. 

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Integrate with a custodian to automate operations

If you’re working with a custodian that provides ISA or IRA investing, helps to manage assets and deals with administrative tasks via their own online system, then we can help you research integration opportunities with LenderKit. Alternatively, you can manage all of the documents and financial information online using basic LenderKit functionality or integrate with a third-party file management and e-signature service provider

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