Payment solutions, electronic signatures, and identity verifications

API allows us to connect LenderKit with any third-party service.

Here’s a bunch of systems that can facilitate verification of your customers, offer ISA, streamline payouts and enable electronic signing of the documents.

Goji (1)

Goji Investments: IF ISA and client money management

Goji is an FCA regulated investment platform and Innovative Finance ISA (IFISA) manager.

It works with direct lenders, investment managers and fintech firms, offering them the technology for investor onboarding, faster payments, white-label ISA and SIPP accounts.

Goji currently manages approximately 12,000 accounts for a number of platforms with a dedicated team of Customer Services Executives available online and at the end of the phone.

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lemonway (2)

Lemon Way: secure payment transactions with Lemon Way

Lemon Way offers a secure solution for any activity, including crowdfunding and accepts the most popular methods such as SEPA, PayLib, iDeal, Visa and MasterCard.

It’s a payment institution authorised by Banque de France which holds client money on behalf of third parties. The service performs KYC (Know Your Customer) checks of payment accounts opened by your customers per the latest European regulations.

As one of the leading payment services for crowdfunding, the company harnesses the power of AI to define the filters and the blocking thresholds in line with crowdfunding business.

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hellosign (1)

Hellosign: electronic signatures

To improve investor onboarding and reduce the paperwork, we’ve introduced electronic signatures by integrating Hellosign into LenderKit.

How Hellosign can help your crowdfunding platform:

  • provide bank-level security and authentication, including audit trails;
  • improve user experience and investment process;
  • reports & analytics on who’s not signing the documents.



Hellosign for FinTech

Go Cardless: affordable financial transactions

GoCardless offers cutting-edge Direct Debit technology in the EU, UK and Northern America.

It easily integrates into your crowdfunding platform and allows any user holding a bank account to invest money in your offerings.

Since bank accounts are involved, there’s no need for you to perform extra KYC checks, which can be quite an advantage. Besides, Go Cardless transaction fees are among the lowest in the industry.

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mangopay (2)

MangoPay: highly adaptive payment flows

MangoPay offers endless possibilities in terms of payment customisation, so if you need to build unique payment flows, it’s the solution to go for.

It has crowdfunding-ready features and functionality which we have successfully integrated into LenderKit:

  • card pre-authorisation;
  • e-wallet management;
  • secure escrow;
  • unlimited escrow time;
  • project holder verification;
  • scheduled payments;
  • refund & loan repayment.

MangoPay complies with all European Union and card industry regulations in the 31 countries of the European Economic Area, guarantees sensitive data integrity and conforms with PSD2, GDPR and PCI DSS.


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Vix Verify: online verification of identity

VixVerify by GBG helps you achieve regulatory compliance by performing automatic KYC checks and reducing time to onboard new investors on your crowdfunding platform.

It allows you to configure its check against multiple data sources and satisfy your business rules as well as support different risk profiles and compliance requirements.



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