Build a Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform with LenderKit

Create a buy-to-sell or buy-to-rent property crowdfunding platform for real estate syndication.

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LenderKit is a white-label real estate crowdfunding software

Our software comes with the fundamental functionality of a real estate crowdfunding platform and three main technological solutions:

  • Admin back office 
  • Investor and fundraiser portal
  • Marketing site

LenderKit was initially designed for debt-based real estate crowdfunding, but thanks to its flexibility, can be customised and tailored for equity crowdfunding investment flows and your business operations.

Funding portal, broker-dealer, or bulletin board - LenderKit fits your business needs

Raise funds with a prototype
Raise funds with a prototype

At the early stages of your business, you can show a branded crowdfunding software to the board of directors to raise funds for further development.

Start your real estate business with an MVP
Start your real estate business with an MVP

We can help you build a real estate funding portal or a bulletin board based on LenderKit. It’s faster and easier because we’ve got the fundamentals set.

Build a custom broker-dealer platform
Build a custom broker-dealer platform

LenderKit can be fully customised or we can start entirely from scratch to help you build a broker-dealer real estate crowdfunding platform.

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Grow your investor network with a marketing site connected to LenderKit

Your property crowdfunding platform needs to be marketable. For that purpose, we provide a marketing site with a pre-built or custom layout which integrates with the LenderKit admin panel to keep investor and fundraiser contact information when they register on your platform. This allows you to market your services and convert prospects into customers. 

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Segment investors and fundraisers to run effective marketing campaigns

Be it individual investors, corporate investors or corporate fundraisers, you can fully automate user on-boarding with a pre-built KYC-focused registration form. You can also manually create user profiles in the admin panel if you need. Proper user segmentation allows you to communicate with your prospects and customers effectively. 

Allow investors to invest in single projects or portfolio

Depending on your strategy, you can provide investors with opportunities to invest in single projects or highly-vetted portfolio. As a customisable white-label real estate crowdfunding platform, LenderKit provides offering management out-of-the-box; and we can also build portfolio management on demand. 

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Provide debt or equity real estate crowdfunding offerings

Whether you want to build a debt-based or equity-based real estate crowdfunding platform, LenderKit can be customised to meet both investment flows. LenderKit is initially designed for debt crowdfunding for real estate which helps to reduce the time-to-market of your product if you’re building a debt-based real estate crowdfunding platform.

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Manage fees and transaction on your real estate crowdfunding platform

As an admin of the real estate crowdfunding platform, you can set up all sorts of fees to make sure your platform is properly monetised. You can manage transactions, set up repayments, allow investors to request withdrawals and integrate with an accounting software if necessary. Also, you can automate payment processing on your platform through a third-party payment gateway.

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Power your property crowdfunding platform with a secondary market

Let investors trade their securities in the secondary market of your real estate crowdfunding site or liquidize their holdings and re-allocate the funds in other opportunities on your platform. The secondary market will become an integral part of your platform’s economy and attractiveness to prospects. Depending on your requirements, our team will set up the required secondary market rules and flows to work for your particular business model.

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Why you may want to consider LenderKit as an option

As a real estate crowdfunding software, LenderKit comes with a set of pre-built features which don’t require from-scratch development. In fact, LenderKit is considered an MVP-ready solution because it has:

  • Offering management
  • User management
  • Wallet management and payment processing
  • Fees module
  • Security measures
  • Secondary market 
  • Content management, SEO, and more

We provide technology and service in a bundle, so you can always rely on the technological and business expertise of our team to help you get started and grow in the real estate crowdfunding business.

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