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Crowdfunding Industry Report 2022

Download the newest crowdfunding report based on the survey of the leading European crowdfunding platforms. Crowdspace released a 2022 crowdfunding industry white-paper which highlights new challenges that crowdfunding platforms face, presents crowdfunding statistics and insightful data.

Learn about the marketing, regulations, COVID, war, recession, niches and lots of other interesting aspects of crowdfunding and how this industry keeps thriving.

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Crowdfunding industry report 2021

Learn how alternative finance businesses in the UK and EU run their crowdfunding platforms, what technologies they use as well as what challenges they face.

Financial marketplaces in the UK

Financial marketplaces in the UK

An outline of the major regulatory requirements for P2P lending and equity crowdfunding platforms and talks about payment processing, KYC/AML, GDPR and more.

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USA crowdfunding regulations

Learn more about the Regulation Crowdfunding, Reg A/A+, Reg D as well as the limits to investors, fundraisers and platform requirements in the USA.

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