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Scale your startup investing or property crowdfunding business, apply to get the ECSP crowdfunding license and build a custom crowdfunding platform.


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Enter the impact crowdfunding niche

Enter the impact crowdfunding niche

Impact investing, as a part of the sustainable finance program, is a growing and profitable niche to start your crowdfunding business in Europe and the UK.

Launch direct investment platform

Launch direct investment platform

If you’re looking to build a direct investment platform from investor to fundraiser, consider the LenderKit crowdfunding software

Build loan-based or equity platform

Build loan-based or equity platform

LenderKit provides solutions for loan-based crowdfunding platforms as well as equity crowdfunding portals in the UK and Europe.

Property crowdfunding in the UK and Europe

Build a property crowdfunding platform, REIT or mutual fund to finance property development, buy-to-let or buy-to-sell projects in Europe.  

Explore our property crowdfunding software tiers for small, medium-sized companies and large corporations.

LenderKit offers many out-of-box features tailored specifically for the real estate crowdfunding. 

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SME crowdfunding

Launch an equity crowdfunding platform to finance startups in the UK or Europe. Provide investors with direct investing opportunities and facilitate full-cycle fundraising for startups. 

And if you’re looking to tap into the business lending market, we can help you set up a loan management platform according to your requirements. 

LenderKit allows you to combine several flows in one platform including debt, equity and donations, so you can have a 360 crowdfunding solution. 

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Integrate with a payment gateway, escrow or KYC/AML provider

If you want to automate money processing on your crowdfunding platform, you may need to integrate with a reliable payment gateway like MangoPay, Lemonway or PayArea which ideally provides an escrow account to store investor’s money.

Also, the payment system should probably come with KYC/AML verification services, however, you can also integrate with an external KYC/KYB provider like Jumio.

If you have a custom integration in mind and what to discuss the requirements, reach out to us for more details.

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