UK crowdfunding business

Start a crowdfunding business in the UK

Start with a crowdfunding platform prototype or custom crowdfunding software in the United Kingdom and grow your investment business. 

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Launch an equity crowdfunding or P2P lending platform

Apply to FCA or pitch to investors

Apply to FCA or pitch to investors

With LenderKit, you can launch a crowdfunding platform prototype, so you can register your business and then advance the software as your grow.

Find an umbrella compliance provider

Find an umbrella compliance provider

Your platform can be specifically tailored to comply with the regulations and can be used to get an umbrella compliance to become appointed rep.

Build a custom crowdfunding platform

Build a custom crowdfunding platform

We fully customise the software to your business needs and regulations, so you can build a unique platform and outperform competitors.

Launch an FCA-compliant crowdfunding platform

Become an appointed representative and start your investment-based crowdfunding platform in the United Kingdom.

Finding a regulatory consultancy that offers appointed representative services in the UK allows you operate a white-label crowdfunding software under the umbrella-compliance license. We can help you adjust the software to fit the regulatory framework and certain compliance requirements.

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Set up a property crowdfunding platform in London

Whether you want to start a real estate investment trust or mutual fund to finance property development, buy-to-let or buy-to-sell projects in London or elswhere in the United Kingdom, you can use LenderKit to start off on the right foot. 

Explore our UK property crowdfunding software packages for young and established investment companies.

LenderKit offers many out-of-box features tailored specifically for the real estate crowdfunding, so book a demo to check them out.

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Build a UK startup crowdfunding platform

Want to focus on the UK startups and provide an equity or debt crowdfunding platform? LenderKit may become your reliable UK crowdfunding software provider. 

With our white-label UK crowdfunding solution, you can combine multiple investment flows in one platform including debt, equity and donations. You can use this feature to target different investor groups and crowdfunding projects or focus on one which fits you best.

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Connect your preferred ISA/IFISA manager

Enable ISA investing opportunities and allow backers to invest through the tax-advantaged accounts on your crowdfunding platform. 

Check out the list of the authorised ISA managers to find your reliable partner.

Goji.Investments is one of the authorised ISA managers in the UK which we’ve had experience working with. If you’re looking to build a crowdfunding platform in the UK which supports ISA/IFISA investing, contact us.

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