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Explore the best-in-class payment processors, KYC/AML providers, documentation management tools and other top-notch solutions for crowdfunding businesses or join our partnership network.

Our Partners

iDenfy is a leading RegTech identity verification software, assisting companies in achieving compliance with KYC, KYB, and AML solutions and safeguarding users against fraudulent internet attacks. iDenfy is rated as best KYC provider by G2 reviews for the 2nd consecutive year.
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Docusign is a comprehensive platform offering eSignature, Contract Lifecycle Management, Document Generation, and Contract Analytics services to streamline the process of sending, signing, and managing contracts in a single, user-friendly interface.
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VerifyInvestor is a leading provider specializing in regulations-compliant accredited investor verification as well as tailored verificaiton services.
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Brassica provides an alternative asset investment infrastructure, offering a seamless API solution that simplifies navigation through the investment landscape by eliminating the need to engage with multiple vendors.
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Web3 financial, regulatory and technology infrastructure that makes it easy for you to launch and scale your Web3 initiatives, securely and compliantly.
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P2P Securities
A platform for the tokenization of securities and real-world assets on a public blockchain.
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Secure MFA, driven by ICAO guidelines for border crossing document verification. KYC done under one minute.
North Capital Private Securities is a custodial broker dealer that provides escrow services for crowdfunding platforms operating in the US. They support offerings using the Reg A+, Reg D, Reg S and Reg CF exemption types.
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Shufti Pro
Shufti Pro is a global KYC, KYB, AML provider for crowdfunding, P2P lending platforms and fintech, etc. A one stop solution for reliable regulatory compliance.
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Jumio is the world’s largest identity and AML verification provider over 250 million identities verified worldwide.
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Equity Trust
Equity Trust is a custodian which enables self-directed IRA opportunities for investors and crowdfunding platforms.
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A EU-based payment processing provider which covers 31 countries and provides KYC/AML services.
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A European crowdfunding payment processing provider that is active in 29 countries.
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Join the LenderKit fintech ecosystem and develop additional marketing, revenue, and networking channels. By expanding your expertise and leveraging the support of the technology partners in the network, you’ll be able to offer diverse solutions to your customers and grow your business more effectively.

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