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Get the look and feel of LenderKit crowdfunding software and explore 3 different flows such as registration, investing and raising capital on a crowdfunding platform.

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Learn more about three major crowdfunding flows



KYC/AML compliant registration is what creates a qualified user base on your platform.



Investing is a simple process when you have the offering information and know that money goes through the escrow account.

Raising capital

Raising capital

Fundraisers can create offerings and get approved to raise capital on a crowdfunding platform.

Who is the virtual tour for?

We designed LenderKit software tour to save you time when researching different crowdfunding software providers. This quick overview showcases the investor and fundraiser portal which is where your users spend most of their time browsing offerings, investing and managing their account information. 

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  • Entrepreneurs
  • Investment firms
  • VC firms
  • RE developers

How do you see the actual software demo?

If you would like to request a live demo of the LenderKit crowdfunding software and get demo credentials to play around, you need to contact our Fintech Strategist. 

During the demo session, our team member will answer any questions regarding the software and how it can work for your business.

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