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Environmental crowdfunding

Environmental crowdfunding

Environmental crowdfunding platforms focus on projects which raise capital for renewable and green energy, eco-friendly products and services.

Socially responsible crowdfunding

Socially responsible crowdfunding

Socially responsible crowdfunding or social investing platforms pursue social impact and financial gain and focus on with education, healthcare, human rights, etc.

Impact investing platform

Impact investing platform

Impact investing is a collective term which includes environmental and socially responsible investing. If you’re looking for impact investing software, check out LenderKit to learn more.

ESG impact investing industries we work with

LenderKit is a multi-industry crowdfunding software that works with different kinds of businesses and impactful niches that they focus on, including:

  • Urban farming 
  • GreenTech 
  • Agriculture
  • Education & science
  • Healthcare
  • Renewable energy
  • Socially responsible investing

Our ESG investment software offers many features out-of-box, but we can also tailor the sofware functionality, its look and feel to make it truly unique and meet your business needs perfectly. 

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P2P lending platform for ESG investing

If you’re in the loan management, microfinancing or P2P lending sector and want to set up a crowdfunding platform which focuses particularly on the environmental, social and governance investment projects, LenderKit investment software can be a way to go. 

Our P2P lending software for ESG impact investing provides a powerful set of full-cycle campaign management and investor onboarding features that will simplify your daily routine and help you boost your business productivity. 

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P2P lending platform for impact investing

Equity crowdfunding platform for ESG impact investing

If you need an equity crowdfunding software for environmental and socially responsible projects, LenderKit can be a good fit because it supports the complete investing and fundraising flows. 

Allow businesses to raise capital via equity shares such as preferred stock, common stock or convertibles. Configure fees, payout rules, and secondary market settings to make your LPs, GPs and fundraisers happy. 

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Donation crowdfunding platform for impact investing

Donation crowdfunding is most suitable for environmental and socially responsible projects that focus on achieving both local and international goals. 

Support communities by creating an impact investing platform, a marketplace, where backers and fundraisers can establish meaningful connections and fund ESG projects

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Donation crowdfunding software - fundraising software - lenderkit

ESG crowdfunding software solutions

We offer 3 different packages which you can choose from when starting your impact crowdfunding business.

Each crowdfunding software package is suitable for different business stages from the Regulatory Sandbox application to international licensing and business expansion.

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