Understanding LenderKit

LenderKit is a hybrid of white-label crowdfunding software and custom development. By leveraging technology combined with services, we provide an adjustable tool that suits early-stage and established businesses.

Pitch to investors with a working prototype

Pitch your idea to stakeholders or investors

If you are a startup, you are probably looking for investors that would fall for your idea and provide the necessary funding to get things going.

You may also need to do some product/market fit testing and see how the crowdfunding software works for your business.

LenderKit provides white-label crowdfunding software on subscription just for that. In the future, you can upgrade to an independent software through a lifetime license.

Launch an MVP with a white-label crowdfunding platform

Grow and expand your crowdfunding business

Overgrown white-label crowdfunding platforms, but not ready for a full-blown custom software yet?

LenderKit has a special offer for startups and mid-sized businesses that are looking to start off on the right foot or expand existing operations.

Our software was tested against several regulatory sandbox launches and has a proven record of businesses running on LenderKit.

Build a fully-fledged crowdfunding platform

Build a fully-fledged crowdfunding platform

Custom platforms require a custom approach.

If you have particular requirements and are ready to build a unique solution, LenderKit will help you get it done way faster.

As a ready-to-use framework, it comes with a number of essential investment features. Once we’ve established your business needs and matched them with what already exists in the core of LenderKit, we can develop it further and implement specific functionality that reflects your requirements.

And we also have great partnership benefits and discounts for big-scale projects.

How to use LenderKit

how it works_Custom crowdfunding platform development

White-label crowdfunding software

The software consists of 3 modules: Admin Back Office, Web Portal (dashboards for investors and fundraisers) and Marketing Site.

This comprehensive out-of-box package will help you enter the crowdfunding business quickly and effectively. 

You can either use the pre-built features, colour schemes, designs and functionality or have our team tailor the software for your needs. 

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Flexible development

Using LenderKit as a foundation or going fully custom, we can help you build a profitable crowdfunding platform. 

To get to the first results fast, you can choose a sprint-based time & material development model. And if you want a turn-key solution, we can provide a dedicated team. 

Flexible development is not limited to our capacities only, you can also use your team’s expertise in doing the design, UI/UX or other front-end work to optimize costs. But we would recommend sticking to one team for seamless results.

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LenderKit product packages


The “try our product” tier is designed for early-stage businesses that are new to the crowdfunding concept and want to test the waters. Available on subscription.


The “use our product” package is for confident businesses that need an operational and upgradable platform. Available on subscription or perpetual license.


The “buy our product” tier is for growing businesses and enterprises that need to run autonomously or on a large scale. Source code discounts are available for this tier.

Advantages of using LenderKit for your business


Multiple offering types compatibility

LenderKit provides several offering types including debt, donation, and equity crowdfunding that can be run simultaneously

This is a unique feature because it helps to provide flexibility in how you fund the projects. Multiple offering types can become a strategic advantage over your competitors and a diverse investment experience for your investors.

With LenderKit, you can launch a crowdfunding platform with one offering type and then gradually add more as your business expands.

Multiple licensing options

Multiple licensing options

Regulations aren’t universal and often require certain software changes. 

With LenderKit, there is no need to look for a different crowdfunding software provider just because your current one doesn’t operate in the market you want to expand to.

We provide multiple licensing options to help your business be sustainable and consistent.

Integrations with your existing infrastructure

Through an API, LenderKit can be integrated with your existing solution or infrastructure.

For example, you may already have a crowdfunding platform, but want to expand further to provide more offering types, use different technology, etc. 

LenderKit can be adjusted to fit your system without the need to rebuild the software from scratch.

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