Understanding LenderKit

LenderKit is not a plug-and-play white-label crowdfunding software.

We believe that ambitious online investment companies and startups are quite unique to fit in the box. That’s why we offer technology + service. Let us explain how we can help you get things off the ground.

how it works_Custom crowdfunding platform development

Professional crowdfunding platform development

White-label crowdfunding platforms are great except for one thing: they offer a standard set of features to everyone.

We guarantee that you’ll get a unique solution capable to impress your investors or go to market with a beta version – and it will stand out.

LenderKit is a custom white-label crowdfunding software. We can help you be up and running in 2 months by adjusting the core features to your requirements, implementing unique user flows and branding.

The platform will be owned by you and deployed on the servers of your choice

If you commit to development with a dedicated team for at least 3 months, we offer our LenderKit license for free.

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Purchase a license and customise it yourself

If LenderKit offers exactly what you need, you may not need all the services typically required in a build.

Mix and match an assortment of services such as:

1. Discovery

  • Outline your specific user flows
  • Create new debt/equity/donation-based flows

2. Design

  • Add your branding and colour scheme
  • Create new pages that don’t currently exist
  • Draw new layouts to better offer your platform’s services

3. Development

  • Add finishing touches to what already exists
  • Create new pages/layouts based on new designs
  • Third-party integrations such as payment gateways, KYC/AML, credit score checkers, etc.
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How we can help you build the platform


Make use of our core experience and competence

  • Tech consulting: expert advice on how to get started, what technology to consider, what possible risks to keep in mind based on our experience. If you are a startup, we will advise on engagement strategies of your new business, suggest product features and the right tools.
  • Business analysis: collecting and analysing the requirements of your online investment business to determine the scope of work, better understand the vision, and estimate the cost.
  • Design and development: creating the visual concept of your crowdfunding platform starting with UX design and styling it with the actual look and feel.
  • Launch and maintenance: improving the platform performance to deliver a better experience. The team dedicated to your project will provide non-stop development of further features, maintain the platform, and introduce new functionality.

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