How LenderKit works

We combine software expertise with custom development services to build unique crowdfunding platforms for early-stage and established businesses. 

Crowdfunding software that solves problems

Startups may use LenderKit to launch a prototype and raise capital for further development of a crowdfunding platform, conduct A/B testing and more. 

Established firms may find value in having a crowdfunding software which fits local and international markets, easy-to-customise and build complex investment or fundraising flows with multiple integrations and in different regulatory frameworks.

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  • Works as a prototype, or
  • Fully-scalable software
  • Fits local and international markets
  • Facilitates compliance
  • Automates operations
  • Saves time & reduces costs

Introduction to LenderKit software

Flexible crowdfunding platform solutions for your business


Quickly set up a crowdfunding platform with a marketing website, apply to the regulatory sandbox, validate ideas and test the market.


Start an operational crowdfunding marketplace or investment platform with a market-ready online investment solution.


Use a fully-customisable white-label platform with a lifetime license option and prebuilt integrations to automate operations and scale your business.

How we build new crowdfunding platforms based on LenderKit

We use our in-house crowdfunding software which has plenty of out-of-box features that you can use “as is” if they fit your needs and business flows or we can customize them for you. 

The pre-made functionality allows you to save a lot of time and effort building a software from scratch, however, the custom part that you add creates a unique solution peculiar to your business flows and industry.

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LenderKit cost structure

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