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Pitch to investors with a working prototype

Pitch to stakeholders or investors with a demo prototype

If you are a startup, you are probably looking for investors that would fall for your idea and provide the necessary funding to get things going.

We can set up a non-live demo prototype which you can fine-tune in the admin back-office. You can use this demo during the pitch or provide a demo access to your board of directors.

It’s much cheaper than building an MVP from scratch because LenderKit already has all the necessary investment features to make the right impression.

Launch an MVP with a white-label crowdfunding platform

Launch an MVP or build a white-label crowdfunding platform

Validating your crowdfunding solution in the real world with real users is vital to establish whether you are ready to move forward.

Test the waters with a customised crowdfunding platform MVP instead of jumping to the deep end right away.

LenderKit is a ready-to-go solution with all features of an MVP. You can use it as-is or have us customise it just a tiny bit in terms of design or necessary investment flows.

Once you’ve established that your idea can work out and bring profit, you can gradually expand it by building new functionality, adjust the look and feel further, and scaling your crowdfunding startup.

Build a fully-fledged crowdfunding platform

Build a fully-fledged crowdfunding platform

Custom things require a custom approach.

If you have particular requirements and are ready to build a unique solution, LenderKit will help you get it done way faster.

As a ready-to-use framework, it comes with a number of essential investment features. Once we’ve established your business needs and matched them with what already exists in the core of LenderKit, we can develop it further and implement specific functionality that reflects your requirements.

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