LenderKit Special Offer: Partner Approach Changes During COVID-19

This is the right time to launch your crowdfunding platform at a massive discount! 

LenderKit is breaking the borders to support and encourage early-stage businesses to go fully online. We offer a 100% discount on our crowdfunding software license within our Partner Approach program.  [outdated: contact sales for current offers]

In the first quarter of 2020, we provided a full discount on the LenderKit’s license within our Partner Approach offer. The program was designed for early customers in exchange for PR benefits. And you know what? We are extending the offer to the second quarter of 2020, so you have 3 more months to enjoy the Partner Approach on a full scale!

What is the Partner Approach, and how does it work? [outdated]

Partner Approach is a special program designed for companies that are looking to cover LenderKit license costs through custom development. 

This approach has proven to be more cost-effective for companies that are having strict budget requirements and are looking to create their own crowdfunding platform either with a LenderKit dedicated team or through time-and-material. 

In the end, you get a functional crowdfunding platform that fully belongs to you, which means that you don’t have to pay any fees as you would expect with a classic white-label SaaS model. 

As a part of the Partner Approach program, we would expect to work together on creating promotional materials such as case studies, articles, or other content that both sides can benefit from while building long-term collaboration.

Ready to learn more about the Partner Approach program? Drop us a line at lenderkit@justcoded.com.

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