Type Private equity
Industry Real estate
Country Saudi Arabia

Blomal, a Jeddah-based investment company founded in 2021, specializes in stock funds investing and real estate and investment funds. The firm’s assets are overseen by an experienced executive management team.

The company offers many investment products, but to serve retail and professional investors, Blomal decided to launch an equity crowdfunding platform in Saudi Arabia. 

Market focus and target audience

Retail investors

Retail investors

Blomal democratizes access to alternative investing, primarily, real estate and private equity crowdfunding for retail investors in Saudi Arabia.

Institutional investors

Institutional investors

Institutional investors may benefit from leveraging the innovation investment platform at Blomal to diversify their capital in the real estate sector and generate profits long term.

Real estate funds

Real estate funds

Blomal is raising capital to access high-value fund investing opportunities and bridge the gap between institution-grade financing and retail investors through its online crowdfunding platform.

How Blomal works

At Blomal, our mission is to provide retail and institutional investors with access to real estate investment opportunities in Saudi Arabia and beyond through our innovative crowdfunding platform. We strive to create a reliable, secure, and transparent platform for investors to make informed decisions, and to help them achieve their financial goals.

Why Blomal chose LenderKit

Having checked many providers in the industry, Blomal found LenderKit to be an optimal solution for its price for value.

The primary goal of starting a real estate investment business with LenderKit is to utilize a powerful solution with proven track record.

  • Grow the investment business online
  • Have a ready-made FinTech solution with high customizability options
  • Integrate with third-parties

How LenderKit helped

LenderKit team evaluated the private equity investment platform requirements and third-party implementation options as well as created a high-level roadmap for iterative development. 

We started out with an MVP of a crowdfunding platform, and development of final product in parallel.

  • Created a roadmap
  • Set up the MVP platform
  • Evaluated third-party providers
  • Advised on the technical matters

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