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Camly is a real estate crowdfunding platform that connects investors, real estate developers, and service agents. Headed by CamLy Duong, the Founder and CEO at Camly, the company provides the US-based real estate investment opportunities for the Vietnamese investors.

Camly Real Estate Crowdfunding

Camly is one of those companies which is easy and pleasant to work with. Trust, empathy, and professionalism is the perfect combination of a result-oriented leader.

Igor Slinko, Delivery Director at JustCoded

Thanks to the clear communication and proactiveness of both sides, there were no major challenges during the development stages. Since everything was in-house and no third-party integrations were needed, the whole project went smoothly and efficiently.

Project Scope
  • Real estate investment platform
  • LenderKit-based
  • Debt and equity investment flows
  • User roles: agent, assistant, accountant
  • LenderKit and WordPress integration
  • Custom admin dashboards
  • Automated payouts calculation
Camly investor - borrower portal dashboard
Why Camly chose LenderKit?

Camly was looking to build a real estate crowdfunding platform with debt and equity investment flows. The main requirement was to find a comprehensive crowdfunding software that provided good scalability and expandability options within the best budget fit. 

Choosing from multiple crowdfunding solutions, David Tran, the CTO at Camly, contacted LenderKit to see the demo. After the demo, David introduced LenderKit to CamLy Duong, the Founder and CEO at Camly, and the company decided to go for it. 

Satisfactory licensing options and opportunities to implement user roles, divide LenderKit’s web portal into the marketing site and account area have become the decision-making factors. All in all, it was all about the experience, flexibility, and good communication. 

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How we helped?

We agreed to proceed with the classic Scrum approach due to its transparency, short and targeted sprints, and cost-effectiveness. Our mission was to collaborate with Camly to communicate the look and feel of the Vietnamese culture while fulfilling the technical requirements.

Camly img3

Thanks to the regular communication, mutual understanding, and easy-going communication, we were able to execute the project effectively and efficiently. Through the lean approach to the UI/UX, LenderKit team was able to emphasize the business model of the business plan and create a clear message to the future investors and fundraisers on the platform. 

Additional requirements
  • Cloud solution in Vietnam
  • Multi-language support
  • Divided web portal

Camly launched a real estate crowdfunding platform which is targeting Vietnamese everyday and sophisticated investors providing access to the US real estate investment opportunities. With advanced user roles, superior technical capabilities of the platform, multiple partnerships, and over a decade of experience of the

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