Type Debt & equity
Industry Impact investing
Country Greece

Genervest is a peer-to-peer investment platform that lets investors – big and small – grow their money while supporting renewable energy projects around the world helping us all to stop climate change. Genervest, powered by Greenpeace Greece, is a new and innovative way to provide renewable energy  financing and accelerate the energy transition in a socially fair and participatory manner.

The platform offers to its investors direct investment opportunities in clean energy projects and keeps transactions’ cost low so they can earn market rate returns.

Market focus and target audience



A unique investor role on the platform who supports sustainable energy projects and other initiatives.



A qualified fundraiser who passed the verification process and is raising capital on the Genervest platform.



One of the goals of the Genervest investment platform for 2022 is to provide 90,000 households in Greece with renewable energy until 2025.

How Genervest platform works

Genervest aims to make green financing easy and accessible to all, while helping projects that empower local communities to get access to the funds they need.

Why Genervest chose LenderKit

Genervest was looking for an investment portal and crowdfunding software provider that had experience with impact investing platforms. 

They needed minor customisations for launching quickly and transferring users from an existing portal. Genervest also had their own marketing website, so we simply connected the LenderKit portal and back-office to their existing website. 

One of the major requirements was to have an affordable and flexible starting platform with an ability for further customisations and scalability in the future. 

  • Build a prototype platform
  • Start in Greece and scale to Europe
  • Migrate from a current software provider
  • Have an experienced tech partner
  • Launch quickly with an out-of-box solution
  • Ensure further customisability

How LenderKit helped

We helped Genervest transition from an existing software provider and ensure data consistency. To align with the Genervest requirements, we customised the registration process, KYC, user roles, added the Greek language and made minor adjustments to the design of the out-of-box portal. 

Normally, we offer marketing site, investor portal and back-office in bundle, but since Genervest has already had their marketing site, the customer could preserve their existing work and connect to the LenderKit investor portal and admin area. 

In the end, Genervest created a crowdfunding platform for investors and projects that focus on the alternative energy solutions and transform our world for the better.

  • Investment portal transition
  • Sign-up flow customisation
  • Design tweaks
  • Multi-language support
  • Custom user roles
  • KYC flow adjustment

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