Type DeFi
Industry Real estate
Country USA

Robinland is a crowdfunding platform focused on tokenizing commercial loans for real estate developers, providing fixed interest investment products for individual investors either using crypto or fiat payment. 

The platform provides real estate developers access to faster, cheaper and more liquid sources of financing through the use of crypto tokens and offers investors an innovative interest-bearing way to make passive income.

Market focus and target audience

Defi lenders

Defi lenders

Robinland uses the blockchain technology to provide digital security investing opportunities in commercial real estate.

Real estate developers

Real estate developers

Borrowers can gain better access to liquidity through asset tokenization and finance projects faster and cheaper.

Retail investors

Retail investors

Retail investors and agents can invest i debt security tokens and keep track of digital assets in a self-custody wallet.

How Robinland platform works

Robinland provides fixed passive income to retail investors by tokenizing institutional-grade commercial real estate in a legal and decentralized fashion.

Why Robinland chose LenderKit

Robinland was looking to soft launch a crypto crowdfunding platform within strict time requirement. Some of the major goals were to set up a platform quickly and showcase offerings for investing as well as attract early-stage investors and DeFi pioneers. 

The platform needed to be registered in the US under the Regulation D and LenderKit had this functionality out-of-the-box. 

Robinland already had its own website, so the company wanted to integrate the admin back-office and portal for investors with some minor tweaks.

  • Soft launch a prototype
  • Attract investors early
  • Start a crypto investing platform
  • Facilitate Reg D compliance
  • Ensure full platform customizability
  • Integrate any third-party

How LenderKit helped

We helped Robinland to set up an online crypto investing platform for tokenized real estate projects with a focus on retail investors in the USA.

On the technical side, we integrated Metamask wallet and tweaked the investor portal to make the investor onboarding smoother and easier. 

We adjusted the platform to fit the crypto industry and work with the tokenized securities on the blockchain.

  • Launched a crypto investing platform
  • Investor portal adjustment
  • Metamask wallet integration
  • Simplified onboarding
  • Basic solution installation

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