Appropriateness Test Builder

Risk awareness is an integral part of ethical and compliant crowdfunding and investment platforms. Each investor needs to understand the risks, so LenderKit offers a robust Risk Awareness Questions builder also called Appropriateness Test builder that allows you to create your own validation questions for investors.

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  • Improve risk awareness
  • Verify investor knowledge
  • Build your own tests
  • Assign score, pass, retake tests
  • Comply with regulations

How does Appropriateness Test Builder work?

The Appropriateness Test feature ensures a seamless, adaptable, and user-friendly risk assessment process, providing clear business value through enhanced customer engagement and risk management.

The major functionality helps you:

  • Create and manage test content, difficulty, and user roles
  • Integrate the tests into the registration form or pre-investment stage
  • Create simple yes/no questions or sophisticated tests with scoring
  • Allow users to proceed with their journey after failing by introducing additional risk acceptance statement
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Appropriateness Test Builder

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