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Cap Table Management

The Capitalization Table feature is a comprehensive and automated module designed to enhance and simplify the management of ownership structures within the LenderKit platform. Primarily targeted for platform owners, issuers, and shareholders, the Cap Table feature streamlines the traditionally complex process of maintaining a record of a company’s ownership distribution.

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  • Funding rounds
  • Shareholder management
  • Secondary market integration
  • Widgets and notifications
  • Export to xls

How does Cap Table Management work?

The Cap Table serves as a centralized repository, detailing the ownership percentages and equity holdings of shareholders within a company. With the advent of the Cap Table Module, users can efficiently handle various tasks related to funding rounds, shareholders, and offerings.

Ultimately, the Cap Table module:

  • introduces robust shareholder management functionalities 
  • provides users with widgets and warning messages, ensuring a clear representation of completed funding rounds and their utilization
  • integrates with the secondary market
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LenderKit Cap Table

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