Fees management

Learn how you can set up custom fees on different transactions or actions.

How it works

Whether it’s traditional investment management or online crowdfunding, the profits are commissions-based. The LenderKit fees management module allows you to configure different fee types and rates on certain user actions including:

  • Wallet top-up
  • Withdrawals
  • Reaching funding goals
  • Internal wallet transfers
  • Secondary market trading, etc.

The fee module is critical to automate profit generation on a online crowdfunding platform.

lenderkit fee settings

Opportunities for customisation

As any other LenderKit feature or module, fees management can be customised to fit your business model. The settings can include advanced time-bound conditions and fines, for example, for late repayments.

Our team can customise the investor portal design or core logic behind the admin area, so your crowdfunding software works according to your needs and requirements.

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