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Launch a funding-portal or a broker-dealer investment platform using our powerful investment engine. LenderKit offers both front-end and back-end solutions to help you run a competitive investment platform.

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  • Investor categorization
  • Risk awareness questionnaire
  • Transparent communication
  • Investment limits calculation
  • Fundraising limits management
  • Reg CF, Reg A/A+, Reg D, Reg S
  • Funding portal, broker-dealer

What are SEC/FINRA rules and how to comply with them

Funding portals normally work with Reg CF types of campaigns which allows them to raise $5M per project annually. Investors have their own limits and platforms need to comply with certain reporting requirements.

Broker-dealers work with all Reg CF, Reg A/A+, Reg D and Reg S, the funding limits really depend on the type and can easily go to $75M+ or higher. 

Using LenderKit white-label investment software, you can choose what regulatory type you want to use, have control over the investor and fundraiser limits, leverage cap tables and export data to facilitate reporting. 

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