Becoming a Global Investment Software Provider: An Interview with Konstantin Boyko by GoodFirms

Our goal is to establish LenderKit as a superior, globally known fundraising and investment software, helping more and more companies across the globe to seamlessly manage their fundraising, crowdfunding, and investment management needs and enhance performance with our versatile tools, user-friendly interface, and incredible functionality.

Konstantin Boyko, the CEO and Co-founder at LenderKit

Konstantin Boyko, CEO, LenderKit, shares in his interview with GoodFirms how they created this world-class fundraising software and investment management system to cover the broad operational requirements of organizations and businesses with its innovative design, cover-all feature set, and affordable pricing.

Konstantin-Boyko Becoming a Global Investment Software Provider: An Interview with Konstantin Boyko by GoodFirms

Based in the Netherlands, LenderKit is a white-label, highly customizable investment management software designed to fulfill the broad fundraising, crowdfunding, and investment management needs of investment businesses across the globe. The software enables its users to raise money for different real estate, startup, and SME projects, often with the focus on green energy, education, and Web3.

The LenderKit platform offers comprehensive fundraising and investment management tools, including contribution tracking, crowdfunding, donor management, online donations, grant management, accounting management, asset management, client portal, data import/export, fund management, investment tracking, performance metrics, portfolio management, risk management, analytics & reporting, and more.

The company provides multiple packages or plans for LenderKit software. The customers can choose between these plans based on the features they need and their budget, allowing them a higher return on investment at a nominal cost.

GoodFirms interviewed and discussed the detailed offerings of LenderKit Fundraising and Investment Management Software directly with Konstantin Boyko, CEO of LenderKit, to learn more about the software. As the CEO, Konstantin’s role is to ensure that the vision and mission of the company are achieved, including setting the tone for all business decisions, strategic planning, and keeping the stakeholders informed of the company’s progress. Furthermore, he is responsible for developing and carrying out the company’s long-term growth strategy. Additionally, Konstantin oversees the recruitment and development of their team to ensure that the company has ample resources and knowledge to meet the clients’ needs.

Versatile Fundraising and Investment Management Software

Initiating the interview, Konstantin describes LenderKit as an investment and crowdfunding software solution for investment firms. The software helps them automate operations, onboard more clients, and close more private capital deals online. Konstantin further adds that ESG (environmental, social, and governance) financing has become a popular addition to any business model, so many firms are trying to integrate these principles.

When asked what motivated the company to create the LenderKit system, Konstantin explains that they realized a gap in the market where online investment businesses were only choosing between off-the-shelf solutions or building a platform from scratch. Thus, the company decided to combine the benefits of both and create LenderKit, a white-label investment software solution with on-demand development to help clients build unique products.

Distinctive Features and Offerings

Talking about the unique features of LenderKit software, Konstantin details that LenderKit is an all-in-one white-label crowdfunding software that aims to excel at both technology and service. It offers support of the major investment flows, regulatory compliance modules, payment systems, identity verification, and many other features that allow clients to run fundraising activities of any scale and work with any investor profiles. Konstantin also highlights that as LenderKit is a service company, they ensure continuous modifications and improvements in the software to help the customers stand out on the market and outperform competitors.

Konstantin further elaborates that while the other competitor products in the market focus on a very specific use case or niche, LenderKit strives to be an international software solution. It has become the go-to option for clients that want to start small and then expand beyond the local markets. Moreover, Konstantin adds that having an all-in-one investment platform allows their clients to run business operations seamlessly and operate in new markets successfully.

Customer Satisfaction and Retention

According to Konstantin, the company is highly focused on customer satisfaction for LenderKit software, aiming at a full 5/5 rating. Konstantin adds that their clients are happy and speak very well of their customer service, business understanding, and deliverables.

Furthermore, Konstantin reveals that the company has maintained a good customer retention rate, and their clients continue with them for a long term. Konstantin also details that a significant segment of the company’s clientele has an established operational business requiring seamless integration with the software and long-term maintenance.

Dedicated Customer Support

Further in the interview, Konstantin discusses customer support for LenderKit software. Konstantin clarifies that LenderKit investment software is relatively easy to pick up with a user-friendly interface. Besides, the company maintains a knowledge base of useful resources, including an extensive video tutorial database, documentation, and online support during the business hours.

Konstantin further highlights that the company conducts demo sessions to help the clients better understand and learn LenderKit software. They also provide videos and written guidelines. Additionally, the company’s managers are promptly available to answer customer queries and respond to their requests.

LenderKit – The Best Investment Management Software

“Sustainable growth is what tells us that we are on the right track. LenderKit goals align with the primary principles of the 2030 vision and beyond that leading countries and alliances have set to achieve. As an investment software provider, we see ourselves strongly positioned within the alternative finance market and want to help as many businesses as possible to get started and expand in the fintech sector. Alternative investing and crowdfunding in particular are becoming an integral part of the economy, and we believe that our company will grow and transform to provide better products for our customers and help them achieve their goals,” says Konstantin.

LenderKit is emerging as a market leader and popular choice for businesses looking for an all-inclusive fundraising, crowdfunding, and investment management software. GoodFirms researchers have identified LenderKit as one of the best fundraising software and the best investment management software for its versatile tools, high utility, diligent customer support, and reasonable pricing.

To know more about the offerings of LenderKit, one can also go through the detailed interview published at GoodFirms.

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