Double your deals with alternative investment software

White-label investment platform software helps you attract retail and accredited investors, automate full-cycle capital raising and close investment deals more effectively. 

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  • Private debt and equity
  • For real estate & SMEs
  • Fully-customizable
  • Crowdfunding platform
  • Regulations-friendly

Digitize your alternative investment management business

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Market alternative investment offerings

A search-optimized website allows you to quickly showcase your investment opportunities and start attracting investors and fundraisers.

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Provide an alternative investment portal

Offer professional investment dashboards for retail and accredited clients to monitor and manage their payments and returns.

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Track your investment business performance

A fully-customizable white-label investment platform to manage investors and fundraisers, reporting and compliance.

How LenderKit investment software works

Why use white-label investment software?

LenderKit investment software enables asset managers, private investment networks and angel investment groups to streamline capital raising operations and close more deals. 

The alternative investment software provides out-of-box and custom functionality and solves various business needs from offering marketing and money processing to reporting and data management.

How it works
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Our clients are regulated by authorities worldwide

Launch an alternative investment platform

With LenderKit, you can easily launch and maintain your investment marketplace:

  • Deal origination 
  • Investor onboarding
  • Identity verification
  • Investor qualification
  • Document management 
  • Campaign marketing 
  • Money processing
  • Fees settings
  • Reporting
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Customer success stories


Genervest is an impact investment platform, supported by Greenpeace, that focuses on investors and startups to finance renewable energy projects and fight climate change around the world.

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Robinland is a crowdfunding platform focused on tokenizing commercial loans for real estate developers, providing fixed interest investment products for individual investors either using crypto or fiat payment. 

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Charm Impact

Charm Impact combines donations with debt financing and help entrepreneurs raise capital to develop clean energy solutions and combat climate change in Sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia.

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DeltaStreet is an investment platform that allows investors exposure to Dry Shipping indexes without the need to invest in asset heavy shipping companies or having to invest in ships.

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Forus is one of the first debt investment marketplaces registered and authorised by Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA).

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Camly is a real estate crowdfunding platform that connects investors, real estate developers, and service agents.

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Matrix Capital

Matrix Capital is a KSA-based and sharia-compliant real estate investment management firm that connects qualified individuals and institutions to fully vetted real estate investment opportunities.

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SaveKharkiv is a LenderKit-powered donation crowdfunding platform which helps volunteers in Kharkiv deliver food, medications and protection gear to the people in need.

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WeFundIt is a German property crowdfunding platform which provides accredited and non-accredited investors with high-yield, mortgage-secure investment opportunities.

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Private equity platform

A private equity firms provides focuses on real estate funds and provides investment opportunities for high-net-worth and retail investors.

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Empower your investment platform users with a mobile app

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What our clients say


We were thinking of developing a crowdfunding platform where people could invest in dry bulk shipping platforms without investing in physical assets. We saw an opportunity in the market that was opaque, largely unknown, and misunderstood, but heavy on the asset side. As a result, we’re now looking for a smaller number of investors with larger investments into our shipping projects.


LenderKit designed and developed a secure website for an investment management platform. Ensuring privacy and stability, they used PHP, and did everything from the wireframes and mockups from scratch.


They customized white-label crowdfunding solutions for us based on the regulations in Saudi Arabia and delivered the web platform according to the requirements that we had. We had several meetings for a discovery phase, where we provided some documentation and extensive research.


LenderKit managed full stack development of a web app to produce an MVP for an investment firm. Following specifications, they adapted a proprietary solution. They integrated onboarding features and two APIs.


They manage the project well and exhibit good communication skills. Additionally, the team’s willingness to understand and cater to the business’ mission sets them apart from other service providers.

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