LenderKit Teams Up with Mangopay to Bolster Crowdfunding Platforms

Netherlands, September 13, 2023LenderKit is excited to announce its partnership with Mangopay, a platform-specific payment infrastructure provider, to empower new crowdfunding platforms with robust payment processing capabilities. This collaboration aims to equip new crowdfunding platforms with advanced payment processing capabilities.

Many businesses that are looking to start an online investment marketplace in Europe face a challenge of finding the right payment processing solution that would integrate into their ecosystem and help to process transactions on a scale. 

As a white-label crowdfunding software provider, LenderKit is designed to meet customer requirements. It offers a range of integrations to support various workflows and business processes. Specifically, LenderKit provides essential KYC/AML check integrations and ensures that transaction processing is in compliance with regulations. Mangopay becomes an integral part of such an online crowdfunding platform ecosystem and helps to bridge the gap between funds processing, automation, investor verification and a customer’s platform that is running on the LenderKit white-label investment software.

We are thrilled to join forces with LenderKit, a leading company in the white-label crowdfunding software arena”,

explains Luke Trayfoot, Chief Revenue Officer at Mangopay.

This partnership symbolizes our unwavering commitment to providing seamless and scalable payment infrastructure to innovative platforms across Europe. By leveraging the expertise of both companies, we strive to provide businesses entering the online investment realm with a solid payment infrastructure, emphasizing security and reliability.

About Mangopay

Mangopay empowers the platform economy with its modular payment infrastructure. Created in 2013, Mangopay has supported 2,500+ platforms and marketplaces. Built around its programmable e-wallet solution, Mangopay’s end-to-end infrastructure covers platform payment needs, from pay-in to payout, for many platform business models and workflows. In March 2023, Mangopay was named “Best Platform and Marketplace Provider” at the Merchant Payments Ecosystem (MPE) Awards for providing best-in-class payment services to marketplaces and platforms. 

More information on Mangopay.

About LenderKit

LenderKit is white-label crowdfunding software provider that focuses on the US and the EMEA regions. The company services small and mid-sized crowdfunding businesses as well as established investment firms by providing an online investment software for full-cycle investment and non-investment deal automation, user onboarding, fees and transactions management. 

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