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LenderKit is what helps you
compete with banks and create a branded crowdfunding solution
to work with any industry.

What you can build
with LenderKit

Real estate crowdfunding portal

Real estate crowdfunding

Debt-based crowdfunding platform<

Debt-based crowdfunding

Peer-to-peer lending system

Peer-to-peer lending

Equity crowdfunding

Equity crowdfunding

How it works

How it works

LenderKit is a fully hosted solution – once installed on your servers, you get a sole access and full control of your white label crowdfunding website. It consists of two parts: frontend and backend.

Frontend part is split into three flows:

  • Individual investors
  • Corporate investors
  • Fundraisers

Users and user roles can be managed from the admin backend. The frontend appearance can be fully customised to fit your branding and identity.


If you plan to start a property investing business, LenderKit is a great white label real estate crowdfunding solution for you. Its core features will help you get started with an MVP so you can expand it later to gradually build a comprehensive platform.

Powerful back-office

Powerful back-office

Get a full picture of everything that happens on your crowdfunding platform.

LenderKit is a white label crowdfunding software that gives you full control of your online crowdfunding business view.

You can view the number of new registrations and visitors, manage investors and borrowers, access offerings and overdue payments, export detailed reports and analytics, view documents and control payment transactions.

Automated flows and identity checks

Automated flows and
identity checks

No manual paperwork required.

Using LenderKit, you can build a white label crowdfunding portal with a smooth investor and borrower onboarding with streamlined KYC/AML and due diligence checks.

We partner with MangoPay and GCEN that provide excellent KYC and anti-money laundering management as well as offer high-level transaction safety.

Easy content management

Easy content management

LenderKit has an integrated content management
system that allows you to add new pages, create
helpful FAQ sections and quickly update any other
marketing information.

Third-party integrations

Third-party integrations

There is always room to grow.

Our custom white label crowdfunding software can be connected to almost any third-party system via API. This allows you to save time and money and use ready-made solutions of your choice rather than build them
from scratch.

It’s like a construction kit: we provide the solid foundation, and you can enhance it with anything else later.

Secondary market

Secondary market

Equity investments have been considered illiquid in the past, but online secondary market fixes this.

LenderKit has a built-in secondary market where investors can sell their investments and potential buyers can look for attractive secondary investing opportunities.

Responsive layout

Responsive layout

No matter if you are using your laptop or are on the go with your mobile, you will always have a convenient and user-friendly interface offered by our white-label crowdfunding software. LenderKit works great across all popular devices.

Starting a

Get it done with minimum headache using out of the box functionality, flexible user flows, and customisable branding.

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  • Homegrown
  • Invest my school
  • Shojin

4 years of experience in one product

LenderKit is the result of our collaboration and constant feedback from the companies in online investment industry.

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