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Jumpstart your online investment business

LenderKit is a flexible white-label crowdfunding software for regulated investment businesses.

How it works

Build a crowdfunding platform in one of the trending industries

Some rock-solid industries like SME or real estate crowdfunding have become an integral part of the economy, while others like green energy and agriculture crowdfunding are getting its momentum.

Adhering to your choice, LenderKit can be customised to fit your industry, country’s regulations, and business needs. It can work as a white-label crowdfunding software, so you can pitch to your stakeholders and get started, or it can be used to build a fully-fledged platform.

Key features

LenderKit is an on-demand customisable white-label crowdfunding software, which allows you to start the development of online crowdfunding business quicker because it already has the essential stack of investment functionality.


Responsive crowdfunding marketing site themes

A set of 4 ready-made themes for a crowdfunding website allows you to save time on design and launch the platform faster

Pick one theme, put your logo on it and you’re ready to go. Effectively promote your business, onboard early-stage investors and fundraisers. 

The themes work great across all popular devices and provide an excellent experience, be it a laptop or mobile phone.

LenderKit themes are great for launching a white-label crowdfunding platform for real estate or SME investing in a highly-compressed timeline.

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Advanced user dashboards

Advanced crowdfunding portal

Friendly personal dashboards allow investors and fundraisers to stay up-to-date with their activities on the platform:

  • monitor investment portfolio;
  • track crowdfunding performance;
  • browse transactions;
  • view investment history;
  • see wallet balance changelog;
  • manage payouts;
  • access reports and stats.
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Powerful back-office

Get a full picture of everything that happens on your crowdfunding platform.

LenderKit is a white-label crowdfunding software that gives you full control of your online crowdfunding business.

What you can do:

  • view the number of new registrations and visitors
  • manage investors and borrowers
  • access offerings and overdue payments
  • export detailed reports and analytics
  • view documents and control payment transactions
How back-office works
Automated flows and identity checks

Automated flows and identity checks

No manual paperwork required if you wish so.

Using LenderKit, you can build a white-label crowdfunding portal with a smooth investor and borrower onboarding with streamlined KYC/AML and due diligence checks.

We partner with Goji Investments, MangoPay, GC Partners and Lemon Way – payment solutions that provide excellent KYC/anti-money laundering management and offer high-level transaction safety.

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Secondary market

Secondary market

Equity investments have been considered illiquid in the past, but an online secondary market is here to fix it.

LenderKit has a built-in secondary market where investors can sell their investments, and potential buyers can look for attractive secondary investing opportunities.

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Third-party integrations

Even the best white-label crowdfunding platforms may refuse or find it difficult to integrate some exotic payment gateway or KYC provider that your business requires.

Our on-demand customisable white-label crowdfunding software can be connected to almost any third-party system via an API.

Save time and money and use ready-made solutions of your choice rather than build them from scratch.

It’s like a construction kit: we provide the solid foundation, and you can enhance it with anything else later.

When white-label crowdfunding websites say that certain functionality is tricky to implement, we say – let us think about it.

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