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Private equity Real estate

A private equity firms provides focuses on real estate funds and provides investment opportunities for high-net-worth and retail investors.

private equity platform

One of the major challenges in the private equity market is liquidity. Since the competition is extremely high, offering unique solutions to investors is key to keeping them interested and engaged with an investment platform. 

Business needs
  • Provide liquidity to investors via a secondary market
  • Establish effective communication and be able to make capital calls to fund real estate projects
  • Create an easy-to-use platform with intuitive functionality and design 
  • Implement a sophisticated KYC/AML process to source the most qualified deals
Why did the private equity firm choose LenderKit?

The private equity company needed a custom solution with unique functionality and design to be competitive and reliable. Since not too many existing white-label private equity software offer the required flexibility or out-of-box functionality, such as a secondary market, the firm needed an alternative software.

LenderKit comes with plenty of pre-built features which are customisable thanks to the module-based software architecture. The company was looking into functionality that would allow it to manage offerings, investors, transactions, notifications, GDPR settings, documents and much more. By leveraging existing functionality and adding some level of customisations, the private equity firm was able to get a competitive solution for their niche and target audience.

How did we help?

We helped the private equity firm to enter the market in three months and expand on the go. 

The firm operates in different states where information disclosure rules vary greatly. For example, a firm needed to have a role-based access to the platform and disclose specific financial or business-related information to a particular type of the user in a specific state.

The private equity firm also needed to be able to process different currencies and work with multiple banks in one system. This could not be achieved with a pure white-label private equity software, so LenderKit came in handy. 


We developed a fully-functional platform with unique features for a private equity firm that’s operating in the real estate fundraising niche where investors are able to build portfolios, allocate interest, and invest in the high-net-worth deals. 

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