Real estate crowdfunding (2)

Real estate crowdfunding

Real estate is one of the hottest niches for crowdfunding these days.

LenderKit is tailored to work with real estate crowdfunding by default and comes with a pre-defined theme designed with property investment in mind. 

The platform has a set of real-estate specific characteristics and functionality:

  • investment information such as funding goal, interest rate, minimum investment, and term;
  • property listings with comprehensive description fields and images;
  • file attachment functionality;
  • opportunity to create real estate diversified investment portfolios.
Peer-to-peer lending

Peer-to-peer lending

Provide your customers with alternative financial services by building a P2P lending platform.

With LenderKit, you can create a platform with balanced growth and development opportunities for both investors and borrowers. The software has extensive features to help you establish a safe peer-to-peer lending environment: 

  • KYC and AML verification functionality;
  • credit checks, bank account, and income verification;
  • transparent interests and adjustable fees;
  • loans and auto refinancing;
  • secure payment processing system.
Investment marketplaces

Investment marketplaces

Connect investors with startups through an investment marketplace. 

You can use LenderKit as an MVP to get investments, or you can build a crowdfunding platform for startups and turn into a fully-fledged investment marketplace. 

LenderKit can be adjusted to serve any industry: 

  • eCommerce crowdfunding, 
  • medical loans,
  • litigation crowdfunding,
  • manufacturing loans, etc. 
Equity crowdfunding

Equity crowdfunding

Build a crowdfunding platform that’s solely focused on equity crowdfunding or go with a hybrid one. 

Combine equity and debt financing or even implement donation-based crowdfunding. LenderKit has basic functionality to ensure fraud prevention and KYC/AML verification to help you validate investors and borrowers. 

To streamline the platform workflow, you can implement various functionality, including:

  • secondary marketplace;
  • investment portfolio management;
  • funds accessibility regulations for investors;
  • calculation of interest and fee rates.

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