LenderKit Partners with North Capital to Offer Crowdfunding Platforms a Viable Escrow and Custody Solution

We are happy to announce that online private capital raising platforms including funding portals and broker dealers will have a viable escrow and custody solution when using LenderKit software. 

LenderKit partners with North Capital, a US-based transaction technology for primary issuance of exempt securities that will help us innovate our white-label investment solution and serve our clients more effectively. 

What you will learn in this post:


We’ve been looking at two leading solutions — North Capital and FundAmerica that offer transaction management and escrow services for private investment platforms. With FundAmerican shifting their focus away from the crowdfunding sector, North Capital has become our strategic and technology partner in the US market. 

About North Capital

North Capital specializes in financial technology, secondary trading, escrow and custody for private securities offerings. The company helps with:

  • Accredited investor verification
  • Transactions processing
  • Escrow account servicing

North Capital has a well-documented knowledge base as well as API documentation which have been helpful in building the technical integration.

About LenderKit

LenderKit is white-label investment platform software for private equity, venture capital and hedge fund administration. We launch standalone online funding portals and broker-dealer investment platforms and provide software to facilitate full-cycle fundraising and investor relations management.

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