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  • What is LenderKit?

    LenderKit is an investment management and crowdfunding software for automating operations and managing full-cycle fundraising campaigns. LenderKit provides:


    • Admin back office for internal operations and “behind the scenes” platform management
    • Web portal for investors and fundraisers
    • Marketing site for promotion and customer onboarding


    LenderKit is a product of JustCoded, a UK-based web development company. This means that you can leverage both our development services and technology expertise.

    Here are a few links to help you get started with us: 



  • How LenderKit can be helpful for your business

    LenderKit is designed to help you reach several business objectives. Naturally, we divide businesses into three categories which require: 


    • Proof of concept. Pitch to stakeholders, board of directors or other decision-makers to request funds for further investment platform development.
    • Minimum viable product. Test your business idea in a particular market with a live audience. This is especially useful if you’re launching a new type of investing flow, testing a new industry, or applying to Regulatory Sandbox.
    • Custom operational platform. You can launch a crowdfunding platform or investment marketplace under specific regulations in your region such as the USA, UK, Europe, Saudi Arabia, or Africa. 



    Our crowdfunding software can be adjusted to fulfil your business requirements. As an all-in-one crowdfunding software, we provide admin back office, web portal, and marketing site to make sure you can operate your business and market it professionally during any stage of your business maturity.

  • Is LenderKit open source?

    No. LenderKit is proprietary software that we provide on a subscription-based or perpetual license model. You may choose between white-label crowdfunding software or request to build a custom platform.

  • How much does LenderKit cost?

    LenderKit has different product tiers that include monthly/quarterly/yearly subscription fees for the white-label software and a one-time set up fee. As for the custom development part, the costs greatly depend on the level of customizations and are unique to every project. For more information, contact our manager.


  • Do you provide legal consulting for registering a crowdfunding platform?

    Being rather tech experts, we can only provide you with the relevant connections and contacts in the legal and consulting industry both in the US and UK.

    Please reach out to us at lenderkit@justcoded.com if you’d like to be personally introduced and get partner benefits.

  • Why should I work with your development team?

    The company is operating since 2007 in the software and web app development sector and we have 4 years of experience in crowdfunding and P2P lending platform development.

    You can check out our portfolio here:

    We are validated and listed at GoodFirms, FinancesOnline, G2 – software review directories which will help you research our platform. And for the actual customer feedback, you can check out Clutch.

  • Where is my crowdfunding platform hosted?

    The platform is hosted at our servers or yours depending on the product tier.

    You may choose between DigitalOcean, AWS or a hosting provider of your choice. For the technical hosting plan details, server capacity, and pricing options, please reach out to our manager.

  • How often is your software updated?

    We release big software updates iteratively. Continuous integration and delivery helps us make sure we always align with the latest industry requirements and changes.

    Your version of the software is stable and is updated on demand. In other words, our internal software updates won’t impact your platform.

  • How do updates impact my platform?

    Updates do not affect your platform. Your unique environment is hosted separately to ensure stability and security.

  • I have my own website. Can you integrate LenderKit with my marketing site?

    Sure. Our team can connect your website and LenderKit with web portal and admin back office. We will review your website, estimate the project, scope, risks and make additional changes if required, and connect your website to LenderKit.

    We also provide 5 pre-built website designs which you may choose from. If they fully satisfy you out-of-the-box, we can just set up one of our WordPress themes for you which will save you loads of design and development hours. Contact us at lenderkit@justcoded.com for more details.

  • Do you offer P2P, P2B, equity, reward and donation modules?

    Yes, LenderKit’s unique feature is that you can use multiple offering types on one platform at the same time. Out-of-box we provide debt and donation modules and the equity module is currently under construction.

  • What payment gateways can be integrated with LenderKit?

    Technically, we can implement any payment gateway. We have successfully launched platforms in the UK, Europe, Saudi Arabia, and the USA. Each of these platforms had a country-specific payment gateway.

    In the UK and Europe these are: MangoPay, LemonWay, Goji, GC Partners, etc.
    In the USA: AssemblyPayments, PrimeTrust, etc.

    Depending on your market or region, we can research the required payment processing provider and implement it on demand. Our business analyst will advise you on the best solution for your particular situation.


  • Can you integrate a CRM and marketing automation tools with LenderKit?

    Yes, we can integrate PipeDrive, Zoho, Salesforce, Hubspot, Mailchimp, or Customer IO as well as other CRMs and marketing automation tools.

    We like to start off with the discovery phase and business analysis to determine all of the required integrations. We research and implement any third-party tools and microservices in the existing LenderKit’s architecture by request.

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