How can LenderKit be helpful for your business?

LenderKit is designed to help you reach several business objectives. Naturally, we divide businesses into three categories which require: 

  • Proof of concept. Pitch to stakeholders, board of directors or other decision-makers to request funds for further investment platform development.
  • Minimum viable product. Test your business idea in a particular market with a live audience. This is especially useful if you’re launching a new type of investing flow, testing a new industry, or applying to Regulatory Sandbox.
  • Custom operational platform. You can launch a crowdfunding platform or investment marketplace under specific regulations in your region such as the USA, UK, Europe, Saudi Arabia, or Africa. 

Our crowdfunding software can be adjusted to fulfil your business requirements. As an all-in-one crowdfunding software, we provide admin back officeweb portal, and marketing site to make sure you can operate your business and market it professionally during any stage of your business maturity.

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