Admin back-office

LenderKit platform means getting a powerful back-office to manage the entire investment cycle.

You can view the number of new registrations and visitors, manage investors and borrowers, gain access to offerings and overdue payments, export detailed reports and analytics, view documents and control payment transactions.

LenderKit Admin Back Office investment management software

Admin dashboard with the key details presented visually

The dashboard is your mission control centre.

It visualises all vital KPIs and provides a glance into how your crowdfunding platform is doing.

What you can see right on the dashboard:

  • users that signed up and that completed a registration on your platform by user roles: individual investors, corporate investors, brokers, fundraisers, or corporate fundraisers;
  • users that passed KYC, by user role;
  • the total amount of offerings by status;
  • the total amount of funds raised;
  • amount of collected fees;
  • the number of current offerings.

These KPIs can be customised further and replaced or updated with parameters that you deem relevant.

User management panel

User management

The platform admin can manage all information about all user types, starting from basic things like name and address.

The more advanced management includes the following:

  • update KYC and registration status;
  • manage personal documents and billing info;
  • get a history of all user status changes and activity updates;
  • view investments and planned payouts for investors;
  • view offerings and crowdfunded money for fundraisers;
  • create investments on behalf of an investor;
  • view or create secondary market selling or buying applications.
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LenderKIt offering management

Crowdfunding and offering management

Your platform may or may not allow creating offerings for fundraisers right from their user dashboards.

In the back-office, you can manage the created offerings or add new ones.

Be default, every offering has the following editable details:

  • offering owner and offering name;
  • loan type – debt or equity;
  • credit score;
  • offering opening date and funding goal;
  • minimum and maximum commitment per investor;
  • maximum overfunding amount;
  • interest rate.

Additional information consists of various documents along with their statuses, a list of associated wallet transactions, amount of funds raised etc.

Platform wallet monitoring

Platform wallet monitoring

The admin can keep an eye on the financial side of the crowdfunding platform and monitor the overall amount of wallet transactions, the number of failed or successful transfers performed by investors and fundraisers.

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Fees settings and crowdfunding platform monetization

Fee setup and management

This is the heart of the crowdfunding business because it defines how and how much you are going to earn.

We’ve made the configuration as flexible as possible by allowing you to set up a variety of parameters:

  • select a transaction type to charge for;
  • choose whether the fee is deducted at once or added to the final amount;
  • determine a percentage and the maximum amount of the fee.
Theme configuration module

Ability to choose theme and adjust branding

A white-label crowdfunding platform with LenderKit means you can still make your platform unique.

If you want an exclusive look and feel, our team of UX and UI designers will help you create a custom design; however, if you’re on a budget, the configurator can be enough for starters.

We’ve created a simple theme configurator to let you modify the logo, adjust the colour scheme and preview the result in real-time.

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