Real Estate Crowdfunding in Greece

The crowdfunding segment in Greece is forecasted to grow by more than 5%, resulting in a market volume of $43.74 million in 2027.

Greek real estate prices continue growing amidst increasing demand from foreign purchasers and relatively stable economic growth in the country. That is why it is unsurprising that many investors become interested in real estate crowdfunding in Greece.

Crowdfunding regulations in Greece

Greece is a member of the European Union, so the crowdfunding platforms in Greece will have to adhere to the ECSP rules. With the introduction of the European Crowdfunding Services Provider Regulations, all platforms are required to follow uniform rules and can benefit from a single license, “passporting”, regime in the entire European Union and European Economic Area. Regulators in each country, including Greece, are free to adapt the pan-European regulation to the legal reality of each specific country.

The crowdfunding regulatory body in Greece is the Hellenic Capital Market Commission. Every Greek real estate crowdfunding platform must obtain a license from the local regulator before it is permitted to operate in the market. On a larger scale, the European Securities and Market Authority regulates the general terms of operation.

The new regulation is expected to increase the availability and popularity of this new form of financing real estate projects. It will help companies obtain alternatives to traditional bank financing, and investors with crowdfunding platforms will benefit from an aligned and transparent legislative framework.

Top real estate crowdfunding platforms in Greece

For now, there is no data about real estate crowdfunding platforms launched in Greece that have received an ECSP license, except maybe a few platforms listed on CrowdSpace such as WeShareBonds and PlusPlus. 

However, the new regulation enables leading crowdfunding platforms from other EU countries to operate in the country. The most popular real estate crowdfunding platforms that work in Greece are the following.


wesharebonds-1100x498 Real Estate Crowdfunding in Greece

WeShareBonds is a French-based crowdfunding platform. It enables investing in real estate and SMEs starting from 1,000 Euros, with an annual return of up to 10%.

The investment period is from 1 to 5 years. 

The platform is registered with the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) as a Participatory Investment Advisor and has an ECSP license.

WeShareBonds was launched in 2015 by a team with over 15 years of experience investing in private equity. By now, over 133 million Euros have been invested through WeShareBonds.

The platform works with accredited and non-accredited investors, but some deals are available to accredited investors only. 


RealtyBundles-1100x437 Real Estate Crowdfunding in Greece

RealtyBundles is a real estate crowdinvesting platform that makes investing in real estate accessible to anyone, regardless of their budget or experience. The platform was launched in 2016 in Israel, and since then, it has expanded its operation across over 16 countries, including Greece.

It allows investors to pick from a wide range of managed real estate property worldwide and invest in selected projects with as little as 250 Euros. Investors can exit their investments when the property is sold. Also,  20% of investment money is kept in liquid assets to give investors an early exit opportunity. 

The platform doesn’t charge investors any fees for registering or investing. However, a yearly management fee, a success fee when a project reaches a certain level, and agency fees are charged.


fundrise-1100x461 Real Estate Crowdfunding in Greece

Fundrise is a real estate crowdfunding platform that allows everybody to benefit from investing in top-quality real estate with just 10 Euros. For experienced investors, the platform offers the Fundrise Pro option. There, investors can decide on their own what offerings they prefer to allocate their funds to and design their portfolio as they want.

The client return percentage depends on the number of years that have passed since the investment was made (approx. 4% for the first year, with a consistent increase over the years, resulting in over 80% after 7 years)

The company manages more than 7 billion Euros in real estate on behalf of its investors, which makes Fundrise one of the leading platforms in the market. 

Realty Mogul

Realty-Mogul-1100x506 Real Estate Crowdfunding in Greece

Realty Mogul is a real estate crowdfunding platform that makes institutional-class investing available to accredited and non-accredited investors. The minimum sum to start is 5,000 euros, but most projects require a much higher minimum sum to participate (typically, 25,000 Euros). 

The platform charges a 1 – 1.25% management fee. Non-accredited investors have access to two public REITs, and accredited investors can benefit from investing in private placements, as well.

The platform offers no-penalty redemption for investors who have held their investments for three years for RealtyMogul Income REIT (manages the portfolio of commercial real estate investments) and Apartment Growth REIT (manages the portfolio of multifamily apartments investments). No redemption is available for private placements. 


EvoEstate-1100x462 Real Estate Crowdfunding in Greece

EvoEstate is a European online marketplace that enables retail investors to invest in loans, rental, and equity projects easily and transparently. EvoEstate aggregates and sources the deals from the major real estate crowdfunding platforms (such as ReInvest24, Rendity, and over 16 more platforms). Thus, by picking this platform, investors can access deals from all around Europe in one account.

EvoEstate was launched in 2019 in Estonia but operates on the entire EU territory, including Greece.

The investment period varies from 6 months to 3 years, depending on the project. The minimum investment is 100 Euros, and the maximum is unlimited.

How to build a real estate crowdfunding platform with LenderKit

The Greek real estate market is lucrative, and the competition is not high. It may be the right time to launch a real estate crowdfunding platform there. With white-label crowdfunding software from LenderKit, you can do it quickly and without excessive expenses in comparison to custom development.

You can start by launching a prototype and raising funds for further development or expansion of the platform. LenderKit investment software provides a rich set of out-of-box features that will help you automate investor onboarding, campaign management, and transactions. Using LenderKit, you can grow in your local market or scale globally. 

To check out how LenderKit software works, please request a demo and contact our sales team to discuss further details.

lenderkit-new-banner-investment-software-crowdfunding-software-1100x286 Real Estate Crowdfunding in Greece

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