Crowdfunding News Websites for B2B

Running a successful crowdfunding business is not only about attracting clients and closing deals, it’s also about staying up-to-date with the crowdfunding news and nurturing thought-leadership in the industry. 

The biggest challenge with the fresh crowdfunding news is that you want to get them regularly, and ideally, from one consolidated source of information, but the industry doesn’t have such sources yet. So, you need to analyze various crowdfunding news websites for the latest crowdfunding industry trends and updates.

Here, we’ve gathered the best news websites that focus on crowdfunding, alternative finance, P2P lending and investing. 

Crowdfund Insider

crowdfund-insider Crowdfunding News Websites for B2B

Crowdfund Insider is a part of the Crowded Media Group. The portal is an independent digital news and information resource based in the United States. It is perfect for those who are interested in news about the emerging industry of alternative finance such as crowdfunding, lending, blockchain, and other Fintech fields. 

The portal also provides information on the crowdfunding policies and regulation that impact alternative financial services. 

Users are offered a filtering functionality to narrow the search to specific FinTech categories, marketplaces, politics, and so on for a better experience.

European Crowdfunding Network

eurocrowd-1100x413 Crowdfunding News Websites for B2B

European Crowdfunding Network or EuroCrowd is an independent business network that focuses on promoting regulation, transparency, and governance in digital finance. The EuroCrowd team believes that the European Crowdfunding industry is one of the main aspects of innovation within FinTech and alternative finance. That’s why the crowdfunding news portal strives to protect, represent, and push this sector forward. 

The service is aimed at promoting crowdfunding as a valid offering for social innovation and job creation to the community and stakeholders. It provides professional support, resources, and services for collaborative actions regarding crowdinvesting. In its publications, EuroCrowd focuses on community successes, use cases, and the promotion of innovative financial solutions for all types of projects.

Peer2Peer Finance News

p2p-finance-news-1100x579 Crowdfunding News Websites for B2B

Peer2Peer Finance News is an online and print magazine that focuses exclusively on the peer-to-peer financial industry. The portal offers top-quality P2P lending news, opinions, analyses, and other types of articles where alternative financing is featured. 

Daily news and analysis are released from Monday to Friday, so users can count on the most updated content at all times. A printed version of the magazine comes out at the start of each month. 

Readers can choose from several sections to read about the latest P2P lending news.

The UK News section contains personal finance and industry news in the UK. In the IFISA section, users can make themselves acquainted with companies that receive or lose IFISA permissions, various IFISA providers, and other related content. 

The Property and Open Banking sections are the most suitable destination for those interested in investing in property, P2P property lending, etc., and those who are interested in open banking and the opportunities it opens in P2P lending. 

The Comments & Analysis section has articles of all types such as investment tips, opinions on the future of P2P investment, safety in the field, and others.

Finally, one can have a look at the magazine, events, and newsletters, and even check the available jobs.  

Investors and professionals in the P2P investment industry are one of the main segments of the P2P Finance News audience but as we can see from the content, any user can find something interesting on the website.

P2P Lending News by P2P Empire

p2p-empire-1100x396 Crowdfunding News Websites for B2B

P2P Lending News is a part of P2P Empire, a portal that publishes the latest news from the P2P Industry and reviews. 

In the News section, users can choose whether they want to read about platforms, markets, or red flags – news about bankruptcies, failing to comply with regulatory requirements or other events that impact the industry in a negative way or resources from which users shall stay away. 

The Academy section is best for those looking for professional yet easy-to-understand content with tips on how to choose the right crowdinvesting platform, how to increase your return on P2P lending, reviews of top platforms based on different criteria, and other content that will help you to choose the right service or make a wise investment decision.


crowdspace-1100x345 Crowdfunding News Websites for B2B

CrowdSpace devotes all its publications exclusively to the sector of alternative financing. On its crowdfunding blog, you can find publications about P2P lending, fundraising, property crowdfunding, crowdfunding business, and investing. A separate section is assigned to interviews with the industry leaders. 

CrowdSpace is known for performing research on the state of the crowdfunding industry and publishing reports based on the research results. In the White-papers section, you can find also the most updated information about the European crowdfunding regulation and its impact on the sector, the state of the market, or whatever you may be interested in.

Along with the mentioned publications, you can also find a list of ECSP-licensed platforms with their reviews and the list of all platforms available in the EU territory. The search in the latter list can be narrowed by filtering the crowdinvesting portals by country, by the type of provided service, and by investment type.


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