Build a crowdfunding platform like Crowdcube with LenderKit

LenderKit is white-label crowdfunding software which you can use to build a Crowdcube clone crowdfunding platform and launch your business in the UK or other countries. 

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  • Crowdcube clone
  • Crowdfunding software
  • For regulated businesses
  • Enter EU or UK market

Launching a Crowdcube clone is easy with LenderKit software

Crowdfunding software for European Crowdfunding Service Providers

LenderKit helps businesses like yours to launch a crowdfunding marketplace or portal in Europe and comply with the ECSPs regulations. 

If you want to set up an international crowdfunding platform and gain the market share early, LenderKit can help you start with a solution for your needs.

Explore LenderKit solutions
  • Have full control over data
  • Custom payment gateway
  • KYC provider of your choice
  • Flexible solutions
  • Works for your business

Want to build a crowdfunding platform like CrowdCube using LenderKit?

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