Creating Content for Your Crowdfunding Website with ChatGPT

When you start a crowdfunding website or an investment platform, you may need to have some basic content which is relevant for your investors and fundraisers. The simplest and most hyped solution today might be using ChatGPT. But is it really worth it? 

Can you fully generate your crowdfunding website content with the help of the AI tools? 

It turns out that you can. In fact, many pro-technology websites highlight the benefits of using AI tools for early-stage content creation. On the other side, you have reputable SEO advisers that would urge you against using ChatGPT for your crowdfunding blog content creation without fact-checking and adding extra uniqueness to your texts. 

A sample content generated with OpenAI or ChatGPT

When everybody is using ChatPGT to create killer content, it’s hard to resist and stand aside. So, at LenderKit, we’ve also tried asking simple questions to the AI tool in hopes that it will create an unlimited amount of crowdfunding-related content that we could share on social media such as LinkedIn or even upload it as YouTube shorts. 

ChatGPT-generated-text-sample-1100x521 Creating Content for Your Crowdfunding Website with ChatGPT

So, we went to the OpenAI playground and typed in a question “Why crowdfunding is an alternative to bank loans?” 

This is something that an investor or a fundraiser may ask when they are just learning about crowdfunding, how it works and whether they should start using it.

And who is better to explain this seemingly simple question than AI that generates the answer in the blink of an eye:

Crowdfunding is an alternative to bank loans because it allows people to raise funds from the public without having to use a traditional lending institution. Unlike a bank loan, crowdfunding does not require collateral and usually involves smaller sums of money. It allows people to access funding quickly and easily, often without lengthy forms or credit checks. 

This makes it ideal for entrepreneurs and small businesses who may not be able to secure traditional financing. Furthermore, crowdfunding can also provide capital for projects which traditional lenders may not be interested in. 

That answer looks spot on. It’s actually so good that it’s tempting to just copy and paste that into your crowdfunding FAQ. 

Turning AI generated text into video

As a marketing manager of a crowdfunding platform, why would you stop at just having a text if you could also do a voiceover, drop some stock footage on top and turn this text into an engaging and useful crowdfunding video tutorial? 

This is exactly what we’ve done for this test. 

Suddenly, you have an interesting piece of content that’s a bit harder to beat because you’ve pushed it one step further than your average competitor. 

Polishing your AI content

For the FAQ, you’re probably fine with what ChatGPT has generated for you. However, you could also spice things up and rewrite it, so that you can make sure that your competitor doesn’t have the same or very similar answer to this question. 

If you’re writing a more detailed and fact-based article, then you could also take this content and try to back it up with links to relevant sources, adding statistics and some fancy charts to make it look more professional and creative. 

The easiest part here is that ChatGPT writes \texts almost like horoscopes that could fit any situation or, in our case, any reputable link source. 

The implications of using ChatGPT for crowdfunding blog content

Why don’t SEO experts like the idea of using AI content all over the place and even claim that an average writer would easily outperform the robot? 

There are several reasons why you may not want to use fully-generated articles or other forms on content for your crowdfunding website, including: 

  • Possible plagiarism
  • Repetitiveness when multiple writers ask the same question. How creative the AI response will be?
  • No links to sources, and if you do ask for sources the Chat will point you to non-existent pages
  • Falsification of data. The AI generator doesn’t care if the info is correct or not, it just gives you information that sounds good according to NLP (Natural Language Processing) standards 
  • Google may spot your content is AI-generated and flag you
Google-detects-AI-content Creating Content for Your Crowdfunding Website with ChatGPT

The disadvantages of using AI-generated content for your early-stage crowdfunding platform may outweigh advantages and affect your so-much-needed SEO presence. 

However, if you use this correctly, you can have a full website packed with decent content in no time and that’s the good thing about it. 

How to apply ChatGPT

When you start your online investment platform using the LenderKit white-label crowdfunding software, you get:

The content on the marketing site has been manually written by a marketing manager, however, you can easily rewrite it using tools like ChatGPT to save your time when you’re just starting out. 

On the launch, many clients choose to modify the basic content and adjust it to their own branding, positioning and strengths. However, rewriting so much content may be time-consuming and that’s where you could use AI tools. 

Another way of applying new tech could be in your email marketing, when you need to rewrite certain emails or maybe even build a full outreach campaign from scratch. Since email marketing doesn’t affect your SEO really, you could actually go all in here. 

So, whether to use AI-content generation for your crowdfunding and investment platform marketing in the long run, it’s really up to you. Keep in mind the risks of using such tools and weigh all the pros and cons before applying them in your SEO and marketing strategy. 

And if you’re looking for an out-of-box investment solution which could allow you to start your online business quickly, apply for licensing and build your audience, check out LenderKit white-label investment software and reach out to our fintech strategist for an online demo. 

banner-investment-crowdfunding-software-1100x286 Creating Content for Your Crowdfunding Website with ChatGPT

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