Top 10 Crowdfunding Lawyers

Crowdfunding is a relatively new financing method and regulation that surrounds it is developing and changing constantly. At times, meeting and following all the legal crowdfunding requirements may be complex, so instead of struggling on their own, crowdfunding platforms may rely on the help of crowdfunding lawyers.

A crowdfunding lawyer can help the platform and its clients:

  • Guide on the platform registration procedures
  • Explain the regulatory framework and suggest the best way to register the business
  • Structure deals and prepare documentation
  • Draft and review offering materials, including those needed for marketing purposes
  • Explain investor limits for potential groups of investors 
  • Guide on the fundraising limits and document filing

Crowdfunding regulation in each region differs, therefore, a lawyer shall be knowledgeable of the specifics in the palace where your platform operates.

Leading crowdfunding lawyers in Europe

If your crowdfunding business is located in Europe, here are some of the crowdfunding lawyers in Europe that you can reach out to for legal advice and guidance on the crowdfunding services.

FG Lawyers

fg-lawyers Top 10 Crowdfunding Lawyers

The FG Lawyers firm is located in the Netherlands and assists businesses in various areas. A special focus of FG Lawyers is innovative platform and non-platform business models including crowdinvesting. 

The Netherlands crowdfunding law firm assists its clients both national and cross-border in the following matters:

  • Authorization procedures
  • Financial matters
  • Compliance and integrity requirements, and so on.

The company acts as the main business’ contact party and takes care of all behind the scenes. 

Simont Braun

simont-braun-1100x546 Top 10 Crowdfunding Lawyers

Simont Braun is a Belgian law firm that focuses on multiple sectors including crowdfunding. The Belgian investment lawyers of the company offer a comprehensive range of crowdfunding legal services including advisory work, representation in dispute resolution, and transaction assistance. 

How can Simont Braun’s lawyers be useful for crowdinvesting platforms and their clients? The Belgian crowdfunding law firm follows the ever-changing legislation and maintain excellent relationships with crowdfunding regulators. Simont Braun’s specialists have a fundamental understanding of the products that the alternative financing platforms offer and know the expectations of their clients.


ecovis-1100x508 Top 10 Crowdfunding Lawyers

Ecovis is a Lithuania-located law firm that is a part of the international ECOVIS group.  It assists crowdfunding businesses with the following practices:

  • Audit and accounting
  • Financial services, licensing, and compliance
  • Media and advertising
  • Telecommunication, IT, and data protection
  • Real estate
  • Regulatory affairs and government relations
  • Tax, and others.

The Ecovis team consists of specialists who are recognized experts in different industries including alternative financing and hold certification in the field of finance, GDPR, etc.

Best crowdfunding lawyers in the USA

If your alternative investment platform is located in the USA, you can count on the assistance of the following US crowdfunding lawyers.

Mark Roderick

mark-roderick-1100x408 Top 10 Crowdfunding Lawyers

Mark Roderick is a crowdfunding attorney in the USA. He knows all the ins and outs of SEC/FINRA crowdfunding regulation and can help an alternative investment business or its clients in practically all matters.

Mark Roderick describes himself as a “very boring corporate and securities lawyer”, but, in fact, he is a very talented and professional US crowdfunding lawyer. Since the JOBS Act of 2012, he has spent all his time in the crowdfunding space.

He not only assists crowdinvesting platforms with whatever legal matters they have, but Mark also manages his crowdfunding blog and speaks at various crowdfunding events. 

Bevilacqua PLLC

Bevilacqua-PLLC-1100x493 Top 10 Crowdfunding Lawyers

Bevilacqua PLLC is a US law firm that along with traditional areas, focuses on new industries such as crowdfunding. Their crowdfunding lawyers in the USA can guide businesses through the process of raising capital through equity crowdfunding. Their services include preparing documentation, deal structuring, drafting and review of offering materials, identifying potential investors, and advising regarding regulatory norms.

next.law_-1100x481 Top 10 Crowdfunding Lawyers

Crowdfunding is one of the’s main specializations. This is why this US crowdfunding law firm may be one of the most optimal solutions if you are looking for help with:

  • Preparing all corporate governance documents, contracts, prepare and amend articles of incorporation, review bylaws and operating agreements, and other documentation
  • Advising on crowdfunding promotion and other advertising efforts
  • Guiding on any regulatory, legal, or crowdfunding compliance matter

The company’s specialists understand the critical provisions and processes involved with Reg CF and are ready to offer a tailor-made solution for any platform that needs their assistance.


crowdcheck Top 10 Crowdfunding Lawyers

CrowdCheck is a law firm that assists crowdinvesting platforms with:

  • Complying with the regulatory obligations
  • Protection against potential liability for misleading disclosure
  • Producing a compliant and useful disclosure
  • Assisting in performing accessible and reliable due diligence and disclosure reports

CrowdCheck specialists can help with disclosure and compliance services for:

  • Reg D offerings made to accredited investors
  • Reg A offerings 
  • Reg CF
  • Intrastate and multi-state crowdfunding offerings

Top crowdfunding lawyers in Saudi Arabia

The best crowdfunding law firms where you can get legal assistance if you operate a crowdinvesting platform in Saudi Arabia are the following.

Knowledge Pioneers Law Firm

Knowledge-Pioneers-Law-Firm-1100x455 Top 10 Crowdfunding Lawyers

Knowledge Pioneers is a crowdfunding law firm in KSA that offers services to companies and individuals in many fintech sectors, including crowdinvesting. The Saudi Arabian crowdfunding law firm assists alternative financing platforms with the following matters:

  • Getting a clearer understanding of crowdfunding regulatory frameworks of CMA & SAMA
  • Assisting with identifying ways to bring business activity to the market
  • Understanding better regulatory requirements for different technologies that a platform may apply to conduct its business

The company also helps with preparing such documentation as Terms & Conditions, User Data Management Policy, Third-Party Service Provider Agreement, E-Contracts, Privacy Policy, and others.

Alshareef & Associates

Alshareef-Associates-1100x509 Top 10 Crowdfunding Lawyers

Alshareef & Associates crowdfunding law firm in Saudi Arabia is headed by Ali Alshareef who is the company founder and managing partner. He has experience working in leading US and local law firms and has expertise in multiple sectors including crowdfunding. 

The company’s crowdfunding lawyers in Saudi Arabia are knowledgeable bilingual individuals with a strong understanding of local and international law and provide legal services that adhere to professional standards. 

Al Tamimi & Company

Al-Tamimi-Company-1100x464 Top 10 Crowdfunding Lawyers

Al Tamimi & Company is another law firm that focuses on legal assistance to FinTech companies including crowdinvesting portals. It is one of the most experienced companies dealing with financial law and regulation in the region. The firm offers assistance with the following matters:

  • Payment services
  • Robo advisory services
  • Financial service regulation
  • Peer-to-peer financing and crowdfunding, and many others.

Final thoughts

Regulations-compliant crowdfunding is easier, when you rely on the help of experienced partners be it crowdfunding lawyers or technical solutions. At LenderKit, we offer regulations-friendly crowdfunding software that is equipped with SEC/FINRA and ECSPR compliance modules. We’ve also launched several crowdfunding platforms in the MENA region in compliance with SAMA/CMA and other regulations. 

With white-label crowdfunding software from LenderKit, you can ensure your platform’s regulatory compliance depending on the area where your business is going to operate. This is possible due to full platform customizability.

Even though all crowdfunding solutions come with a comprehensive set of in-built features, so you can launch a crowdinvesting platform asap, we still offer high customization level, so you can create a crowdfunding portal that will comply with your vision and the needs of your business.

You are welcome to request a demo to see how the product works and contact the sales team to discuss details.

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