Fundraising software for donation crowdfunding businesses

Automate donation crowdfunding operations and manage individual and corporate fundraising with LenderKit. Digitize your offline donation crowdfunding business by launching a clone of Kickstarter, Indiegogo or a private donation platform.

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  • Powerful software
  • Custom integrations
  • Full software flexibility
  • White-label options

Have unique features developed for your platform

Text-to-donate integration

Text-to-donate integration

Leverage the power of mobile crowdfunding and take advantage both old fashioned SMS and innovative chat messaging to fundraise.

Donation kiosk connection

Donation kiosk connection

Integrate with a donation kiosk, put in in the visible spot at an event and allow people to donate to your projects easily.

Social media donations

Social media donations

Set up a website quickly and redirect users from social media channels to your site, so you can raise more funds and manage new users.

Connect donors and fundraisers

LenderKit provides donation management automation to allow you to connect donors and fundraisers seamlessly. Your users will able to:

  • Create and donate in offerings
  • Upload and request documents (e.g., donation receipts)
  • Run campaigns and leverage your platform’s support
  • Set donation limits, etc.
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Support various industries

Be it ESG donation crowdfunding, healthcare, green energy education, agriculture, science or art, your LenderKit-based donor management software can be tailored to fit specific industry requirements.

With our fundraising software, you’ll be able to effectively support sustainable finance and social impact activities that will help you boost your brand equity and business profits.

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  • Healthcare
  • Green energy
  • Real estate
  • Agriculture
  • Education
  • Public sector

Access analytics and monitoring

Use the admin panel to track and manage all activities on your donation crowdfunding platform:

  • Manage investors and fundraisers
  • Assign access rights to your team
  • Manage campaigns and transactions
  • Monitor performance and gain insights on donation and fundraising habits
  • Automate document exchange and more
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