The List of Crowdfunding Associations and Networks

Crowdfunding associations play a key role in developing the local crowdfunding market and building communication bridges between private businesses and public authorities. Some crowdfunding networks are more active than the others, but knowing them and being able to consult or even contribute to the growth of your local association can be valuable. 

Generally speaking, crowdfunding associations are organizations that promote and facilitate crowdfunding activities. Some of them may even provide resources and advice to help individuals, businesses and organizations plan and launch successful crowdfunding campaigns. However, most of the time, crowdfunding associations educate the public and collaborate with regulators. 

Here’s a list of the most active crowdfunding associations worldwide.

The European Crowdfunding Network (EUROCROWD)

EUROCROWD is the biggest and most recognized crowdfunding network in Europe. Founded by Oliver Gajda in 2013, EUROCROWD has become some of the most active crowdfunding associations because it helps to promote and facilitate crowdfunding sector development. 

The organization focuses on many services and projects including:

  • Education and knowledge-sharing (academy, webinars, publications)
  • Policy promotion and consulting
  • Networking events both offline and online
  • Crowdfunding campaign consulting
  • Membership and more

EUROCROWD is really the go-to website when it comes to important content on the crowdfunding regulations, sustainability and clean energy projects in Europe. 

At LenderKit, we regularly visit events organized by EUROCROWD, such as the 11th CrowdCon in Brussels, as they are always super insightful and helpful to learn about crowdfunding developments in the industry and stay up-to-date with the latest trends.

UK Crowdfunding Association (UKCFA)

UKCFA is a London-based crowdfunding association that advocates for the crowdfunding development in the United Kingdom. The organization promotes and champions crowdfunding through lobbying to FCA, HMT and BBB as well as strategic partnerships and international support. 

UKCFA partners with the National Crowdfunding & Fintech Association of Canada and there’s constant communication and knowledge sharing going on. 

The organization is also actively working with the press including Peer2Peer Finance News and also the British Business where it has become an editorial member.

National Crowdfunding & Fintech Association of Canada (NCFA)

The National Crowdfunding & Fintech Association of Canada is a non-profit organization that focuses on alternative finance promotion, crowdfunding industry stewardship, education and market intelligence.

NCFA provides many services including directory listing and networking with Fintech Canada, membership, events organizing, regulatory advocacy, podcasting and media coverage.

The African Crowdfunding Association (ACfA) 

The African Crowdfunding Association has got a pretty modern-looking website with all of the important information that you need regarding crowdfunding in Africa. Just like the above-mentioned crowdfunding associations, ACfA has membership opportunities, networking, African crowdfunding platform listing, advisory services, educational materials and more. 

ACfA works with crowdfunding intermediaries, crowdinvestors, project sponsors and regulatory authorities and does an incredible job at linking all parties together, so if you’re operating in the African crowdfunding market, you should definitely reach out. 

Financement Participatif France (FPF)

Financement Participatif France is an organization formed under the 1901 French Law, whose goal is to collectively represent and protect the rights and interests of actors in participatory finance (also known as crowdfunding) and, more generally, of all actors with activities related to or complementary to participatory financing, or with common interests in it.

The company hosts many regular events, one of which we attended in February, 2023. The Place to Crowd was a great networking opportunity where LenderKit moderated a panel discussion and also had a booth to showcase, meet and network.

The German Crowdfunding Association (Bundesverband Crowdfunding eV)

Founded in 2015, The German Crowdfunding Association focuses on promoting commercial crowdfunding in Germany and Europe, developing and implementing quality standards and representing the political and public interests in the crowdfunding sector. 

The members of the German Crowdfunding Association are coming from different crowdfunding platforms and have a rich background in understanding various business models and approaches to crowdinvesting. 

Bundesverband Crowdfunding works closely with other crowdfunding associations in Europe and offers its members and supports great networking and knowledge-sharing opportunities.

The Norwegian Crowdfunding Association (Norsk Crowdfunding Forening)

The Norwegian Crowdfunding Association helps individuals and organizations promote crowdfunding sector development in Norway and offer better investment services for clients. 

According to the Norsk Crowdfunding Forening website, the association gathers 18 platforms that focus on donation, rewards, debt and equity-based crowdfunding. 

Final thoughts

Whether you’re new to crowdfunding and trying to learn more about alternative finance or an experienced business owner who is looking for networking and exposure opportunities, crowdfunding associations can become a good partner to help you get started. 

Crowdfunding networks and associations offer membership opportunities, educational materials, promotion, listing and valuable connections which can help you move faster in the crowdfunding sector. 

And if you’re looking to start a crowdfunding business and want to launch your crowdfunding platform, check out LenderKit white-label crowdfunding software

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